Technology is the thing which updates at lightening speed, While talking about programming languages, immediately people name a few as C, C++, Java etc. which are the prominent ones. Today we are talking about an emerging language, known as Dart Language.

Introduction to Dart Language

Dart Language is open source language founded by Lars Bak and Kasper Lund, Developed by Google as Web Programming Language. It was publicly unveiled at the GOTO conference in Aarhus (October 2011).

Creators of Dart

Dart Language is aimed to replace Javascript in opensource market by addressing to the limitations and problems of Javascript. Dart is considered to be much more flexible, robust and provides high scale performance.

Characteristics / Features of Dart

Dart follows C Style Syntax and is Class-Based, Object Oriented Language which supports single inheritance. It also supports lexical scoping, closures, and optional static typing. It comes with Dart Editor and SDK to provide an integrated experience, features like refactoring, break points, virtual machine are supported with Dart. Dart can be converted to javascript with the help of dart2js tool,  which is highly useful hence it can work on all modern browsers with minimal code and it can run on servers via Virtual Machine which is provided with SDK.

Use of Dart

Dart is mainly used to build structured modern web apps.

Support / Facilities provided by Dart Developers

Support for Dart is easily available, via their official twitter handle – @dart_lang also the developers can post queries on the official website and get responses, new features can be requested, bugs can be reported, all needed documentations, editor, code samples, etc can be downloaded and community stuff is also provided on the same platform.

Future of Dart

Considering the features, it seems that sooner Dart may have a good share amongst favourite ones of Developers, however at present dart lacks direct support of some leading browsers, once it gets done, Dart can be predicted to occupy a good share amongst competition from other tools.


Deep Bajaj