Securing your PC from infection has come a really long way from just protecting it from a simple virus or a worm. A simple anti-virus(AV) program is no longer sufficient protection as we have the world’s largest virus bank literally at our fingerprints, the web. 

If security is priority, it has become essential to provide a fully featured suite that not only detects virus but protects your web browsing as well. 

The various security suits having various features like spam and phishing filters, link scanners, and virtual keyboards. As a bonus, most of the suits also came with system optimizers and secure file erasers and other miscellaneous utilities. 

Lets have a look on well known security suits and they are :

1. Avast Internet Security
The acronym of Avast is “Anti-Virus – Advanced Set”
Developed By : AVAST Software
Slogan : “be free”
Price (Rs.) : 2000 (Avast Internet Security 6)
Pros :

  • File ranking works well,
  • It has feature that it configures the system to send you an email or even a print out when malware of any sort is detected ,
  • came with a browser sandbox mode (i.e. This works by isolating the browser entirely from the system so malware can not affect the system) ,
  •  Avast supports 41 languages i.e. more than other anti-virus.

Cons : Disappointing Firewall

2. Avira Internet Security
Developed By : Avira
Price (Rs.) : 1750 (Avira Internet Security 2012)
Pros : Can save scan profiles to desktop
3. AVG internet Security
Developed By : AVG Technologies
Price (Rs.) : 3250 (AVG internet Security 2012)
Cons : Expensive
4. Bitdefender Total Security
Developed By : Softwin comapny which is at Romania
Price (Rs.) : 2800 (Bitdefender Total Security 2012)
Pros :

  • came with a browser sandbox mode,
  •  feature rich (includes a lot of options and tweaks and even monitors aspects such as password strength, windows update) ,
  •  it also offers Rescue mode (i.e. you can use the program to create a system rescue partion and boot into that using BitDefender to deal wtih your system when it is infected.)
5. Bullgard Internet Security
Price (Rs.) : 3375 (Bullgard Internet Security 12)
Pros : High Detection Rate
Cons : Expensive
6. eScan Internet Security
Developed By : Morten Lund and Theis Sondergaard
Price (Rs.) : 1136
Pros and Cons: Hijecks the system
7.  ESET smart Security  
Also known as ESET NOD32 Antivirus or NOD32.
Developed By : Slovak company ESET
Price (Rs.) : 1449 ( ESET smart Security 5 )
8. F-Secure Internet Security 
Developed By : F-Secure Corporation
Price (Rs.) : 2763 (F-Secure Internet Security 2012 )
Cons : low detection Rate
9.  G-Data Total Security  
Developed By : G Data Software, Inc.
Price (Rs.) : 2045 (G-Data Total Security 2012)
Cons : Massive Installation Size
10. K7 Total Security
Developed By : K7 Computing
Price (Rs.) : 899
Cons : Inordinately long Transfer Time
K7 Computing Pvt. Ltd. founded by Jayaraman Kesavardhanan in 1991 Chennai, India.
11. KasperSky Pure
KIS also known as Kaspersky Internet Security
Developed By : Kaspersky Lab
Price (Rs.) : 1995
Pros : High Detection Rate
12. McAfee Internet Security  
Developed By : McAfee Inc
Price (Rs.) : 1799 (McAfee Internet Security 2012
13. NetProtector
NP-AV : Net Protector Anti Virus
Developed By : Indiaantivirus
Price (Rs.) : 800 (Net Protector 2012)
Pros : It came with Windows Gadgets for quick access to security.
Cons : Disable UAC Low detection rate, It can not scan more than five individual files or folders at a time.
14. Norton 360 
Developed By : Symantec Corporation
Price (Rs.) : 1434 (Norton 360 6.0)
Pros : Quick Install
Cons : Low Detection Rate
15. Panda Global Protection 
Developed By : Panda Security SL
Price (Rs.) : 2948 (Panda Glaobal Protectoin 2012)
16. Quick Heal Total Security 
Developed By : Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Price (Rs.) : 1949 (Quick Heal Total Security 2012)
17. Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security
Developed By : Trend Micro
Price (Rs.) : 900 (Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2012)
Pros : Parental Controls
Cons : Low Detection Rate
18. ZoneAlarm Exterme Security 
Also known as Zone Labs.
Developed By : CheckPoint Software Technologies LTD.
Price (Rs.) : 2300 (ZoneAlarm Exterme Secuirty 2012)
Cons : Disappointing Firewall