Few recent gadgets, which are buzzing around the world2

Think of something you cannot live without. There will be so many things coming to your mind pushing through each other. It cannot be one. You have to look at the screen of your Smartphone every now and then. You love to read, that new kind of watch you have become used to for keeping track of your health. There will be so many things and most them are related to technology. Yes, it is right to say that we are living in the era of technology.

We have brought you few devices which may have made the highest buzz in last few years or months. These devices are getting increasingly popular among the users and so the graph of their sell is also increasing.

There was the time when Sony’s walkman was the coolest thing a teenager can have but now there are so many coolest gadgets available which help mark your own uniqueness. Let’s take a look.

Google Glass

Google Glass

When there was news about Google glass, people imagined that their fantasy would become reality. The Google glass cost $1,500. This was one of the milestone steps for the future of wearable technologies. The capability of recording video just from your Glass has made it banned from several restaurants, theaters and bars. Yet there was a lack of perfection in the technology. The reality of displaying computer-generated images over the real world—is a concept many companies are still trying to master, including Google. Though the Google Glass has failed to impress the journal public, it had successfully created lots of buzzes.




There used to be pedometers before. And now it is Fitbit. Fitbit has brought those pedometers into the digital world and successfully reached to the millions of users. The first device was introduced in 2009, it was capable of tracking steps, burned calories and sleep patterns. The important feature was that users could upload their data on the company’s website for analysis. In 2015, the company has sold more than 15 million devices. This is the growth that company has made over the years and now Fitbit is one of the most popular wearable devices.


Amazon Kindle

Few recent gadgets, which are buzzing around the world

Yet many people are still in favor of reading from the paperback, Amazon Kindle is growing its popularity in the world. Amazon started as an online bookstore and now it has given the world the most amazing hardware which has changed the way we read. Kindle quickly appreciated by users and become the best-selling product in the history of Amazon.com in 2010.


iPhone 6s and Plus

Few recent gadgets, which are buzzing around the world3

The latest from the master brand of all technologies was iPhone 6s and Plus. Both iPhone 6s and iPhone plus are of the same size. Their displays have the same high-def resolution, so they don’t look any different. But Apple had come up with some changes. Just say “Hey Siri” to activate the assistant. There is a gold color option too. The biggest upgrade is 3D Touch. The feature allows you to use your phone in various ways depending on how much pressure you putting on the screen. The latest news was that the Apple is facing major downfall in selling their products. Their sell may have gone down but just like every earlier version of Apple iPhones, this one has also made people curious.