Difference Between CRT and LCD

Stands For
CRT stands for “Cathode Ray Tube“. LCD stands for “Liquid Crystal Display“.
CRT is weighted, bulky and large in size. LCD is light, compact and thin in size.
Power Consumption
It consumes High power. It consumes Low power.
Image Flickering
Image Flickering is there in CRT. No Image Flickering is there in LCD.
Color CRT is like Black. LCD is like White.
Image Retension Image Retension is not there in CRT. Image Retension is there in LCD.
Cost It is less expensive. It is more expensive.
Image Forming
Electron Gun is used to form images. Liquid crystals are used to form images.
CRT having good response. LCD having slow response.
Where Used

CRT is used in Televisions and was used in  old

computer monitors.

LCD is used in flat screens.