Every successful business is built on relationships; whether they be with customers, vendors, partners, investors, or the countless others that are involved in making your business run smoothly, it’s the relationships that build success. As a business owner your focus needs to be on tending to existing relationships as well as cultivating new ones; which is why behind every successful business, is a reliable and dynamic Customer Relations Management System or CRM. There are multiple CRM software packages, developed for virtually every business niche in existence. This variety often makes it difficult to discern which one is the best for your business. Keep reading for a brief introduction to 10 CRM software packages that stand out above the rest.



Top 10 CRM Systems:

Salesforce: The Industry Standard

Salesforce is  a leader in the CRM industry, and is labeled the the world’s number 1 sales, customer relations management application. Built for business of all shapes and sizes, Salesforce is a customizable a web-based system, known best for it’s user friendly lead tracking and marketing applications. Salesforce offers a great variety of user applications including the ability to effectively implement email marketing campaigns, generate proposals, forecast revenue, and even integrate it’s systems with social media. Salesforce reports that on average it’s users see a 42 percent increase in sales productivity, as compared to statistics generated with former systems.

Zoho: Best Bang For The Buck

Zoho is regarded highly by small and medium sized businesses for it’s impressive versatility and integration capabilities, as well as for it’s reputation of being less expensive then other big name CRM’s. Zoho offers users many of the same applications as Salesforce, such as the ability to easily and effectively manage leads, create and implement marketing campaigns, and integrate with other supporting applications like social media platforms and chat applications such as SalesIQ. Users also mention the companies reliable and accessible internal support.

Act!: The Trusted Choice

Act! has been in the CRM business for 25 years and is a trusted choice for small business sales teams and individuals alike. As is common with other popular CRMs,  Act! offers users the ability to track leads and sales activity, as well as simple integration capabilities with other supportive applications. Along with being known as an affordable choice, the CRM’s ease of use is noted time again when reviewed by those who have made the switch to Act!

Sap: Success Should Be Simple

The web-based CRM system Sap has been helping small and medium sized business cultivate and maintain important business relationships since 1972. Known best for it’s call center management, lead management and contact management applications, Sap focuses on helping users make the most out of what drives their business; relationships.

Microsoft Dynamics: Integrate, Adapt, Succeed

Microsoft Dynamics CRM boasts it’s familiar and user friendly platform, that allows Microsoft fans to get right to work and on their way to running a successful business. Those already using Microsoft products will be up and running in no time with the CRM’s dynamic lead and contact management systems. This system doesn’t offer some of the more advanced application and integration abilities that other popular packages do, though what it does, it does well. With the name Microsoft attached, there isn’t much room for error.

Maximizer: Full On Performance, Without The Full Price

Maximizer CRM is a smaller company with just over 1,000,000 users worldwide. Known for being one of the best value options for a full feature CRM system, Maximizer offers many of the same features as it’s larger and more expensive competitors. Along with the standard lead and contact management systems, Maximizer offers users calendar management, a customer portal application and email marketing. Small and medium sized business who need more than just a lead tracking system would do well to look closer at this CRM.

Oracle: The Next Big Thing

Oracle’s industry specific, on demand CRM system is at the cutting edge of the customer relations management technology. With features like contextual intelligence, cloud based operation, integration with popular email systems and smart phones, and user friendly web form creation, this do-it-yourself CRM sets a high mark in the industry. Check out Oracle’s informative webinars for a closer look at how this system can make your business more successful.

Infusionsoft: Small Is The New Big (In Business)

Designed specifically with small businesses in mind, Infusionsoft is the do-it-all CRM that makes relationship building a breeze. The web-based CRM offers full service marketing and sales features, including email marketing campaigns, lead tracking and management, call center management and much more! The company offers it’s clients extensive training and ongoing support, which aligned with the easy to use platform is a sure recipe for success.

Apptivos: Adapt And Succeed

Appitvos is a CRM that is known for being extremely adaptable, making it a great fit no matter what your business niche is, or how long you have been in it. This adaptable CRM boasts unlimited customization, and all the popular lead and contact management features available with other big name CRM’s. Mobile integration and ongoing training and support are sure to keep this CRM in the top ten for the foreseeable future.

Sugar: Cloud Happy

The Sugar CRM system offers users the best of the traditional CRM features, with an easy to use platform and high tech cloud running capabilities. Web-based and open-source, this CRM is designed for small to medium sized businesses who want to take their business relationships to the next level. With an array of positive reviews citing helpful support internal support and great value, Sugar really is a sweet choice.