Are you Programmer??

Do you know what is rate of your skills as a Programmer??

How can you measure your skills as a Programmer ??

This is the fact that quality cannot be measured, but if someone ask you to measure your skills or rate your skills, then it really puts you on thinking and may become quite tough job to measure or rate it.

If you are a programmer, can you say how good you are as a programmer!!!!

How do you measure or rate your skills as a programmer??

If we can measure the skills that not only gives you rate about how well you are performing now and what is needed to improve your rate of skills.

How can you measure your skills as a Programmer

There is no particular method or technique to exactly measure but here are some tips that might help you to know your measure of skills as a programmer. :

 Code Inheritance :

Whatever code you have done, if it is understandable and accepted or inherited by other programmers in their code, that is one sign of being a good programmer and one good appraisal. 🙂

Self-Awareness :

Self-awareness , Awareness about what technology you are using, not blindly follow anything whether code or technology , Self-awareness means you are aware with all the reasons of using that , benefits, problems, and solutions of that problems, etc.

This is not about how good you work as a programmer or developer but it is about how you justify or represent the things about your work or how you put forward i.e. self awareness about your work.

Technical Proficiency:

One of the greatest skills is an area of interest. There can be many “dimensions of goodness” to being a developer/ programmer; but the fact is that good evolution comes on which  you are interested.

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Let us look at some of that ideas:

  • Development speed : How speedy you are to solve any problem in case of new problem or problems that you have solved earlier. As you work on particular language or technology, its almost typing or reuse of code.
  • Technical proficiency : Compare your code with others so you can get idea about code which is the alternative code of that and which is the better one.
  • Working in a team : What is your role if you work in team and how do you play your role in team.
  • Estimation: Everyday expect some accomplishment of you work and see how long you have complete it at the end of the day. By this way you can improve in your area, can get reasons to improve your work accurately.
  • Communication skills : Measure your communication skills how good you are to explain and represents your activities in oral and written. Also try to explain your project and get views from the person who is not developer or may not of your field.

Evolution of Ideas for programmers :

One skill is that how fast you solve the particular problem or how you implement any new idea. With this also see how you manage whole things form planning to implementation. How much time will be required by each phase. how you gather requirements, how you divide your problem, how do you make plan and work according to that or not, testing and everything.

How can you Rateyour skills as a Programmer


This is the basic funda that you can find the solution iff you know the problem. In this case if you know the things needed to improve you can increase your rate or skills.

This is the little effort to help you regarding tips how you can measure your skills as a programmer.