Whenever i used to make a graphic on a paper, the first thing that would come to my mind is, ” If only i could have easily converted this image into a digital one…”.

Suddenly  the day has come when this need not be a thought any more. A revolution in the input device industry is supposed to occur with the introduction of a new device named wow-pen.


This awesome gadget can work in 2 modes: mobile and connected.

In mobile mode it need not be connected with the computer. It is capable of capturing and storing upto 50 A4 size pages and letters which were written in  human handwriting.

The receiver clip captures and transfers all the data to the PC when connected to the PC. In the connected mode it is even capable of interacting with the MS office package components.

The following are its note worthy points:

wowpen: Awesome Gadget
wowpen: Awesome Gadget features