Memories are very precious to us. We always try to keep our memories alive. Thus we take snaps, videos. But main concern comes how to back up those eternal memories. Many computers don’t have much space to store this huge amount of data. So we need a permanent solution for this and thus the concept of external hard drive comes. An external hard drive contains some spinning magnetic disks which has individual heads which can place themselves everywhere or anywhere on the disk to read-write information/data to them. External hard drives are like a music or record player; it can store music, play music as well as record music. However, HDDs are simple enough for anyone to use. But all external drives are not so reliable to store precious data. Because many times it happened that the drive crushed unfortunately and for that too recovery was not possible. In this case the person has to lose his data permanently. So to avoid this situation everybody must be aware of some of the parameters which are very essential when they are going to buy a hard drive. There are many expensive hard drives in the market. But it is not so essential to buy expensive hard drives. There are many hard drives which are within the affordable cost.


Below discussed hard drives are very cheap and reliable. It can be used for backing up Windows PC and laptops, MAC PCs and Laptops and these external HDDs are suitable for other operating system’s PCs also. There are several types of hard drives which you can buy like enterprise-class desktop drives, regular desktop drives, laptop-class portable drives, laptop-class portable drives, and flash drives. First two categories do not support portability. Others support portability and can be carried. There are many hard drives which are fancy enough but do not guarantee reliability. For the regular purpose to store movies one can buy those hard drives. But for storing precious moment’s snaps, videos one should buy a good reliable hard drive. We will throw some lights and will compare among various external hard drives, its transfer rate, weight, capacity and price. We will mainly concentrate within $100 price range.


These are few good external hard drives within the range of $100

Name Total Capacity Weight Price
Seagate Backup Plus Desktop  2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 5TB  1.1kgm $97.99(2TB)
 Seagate Backup PLUS Slim  500GB, 1TB, 2TB  159gm  $89.69 (2TB)
 WD My Passport Slim  1TB, 2TB  159 gm  $98.00(1 TB)
 WD My Passport Ultra  500GB, 1TB, 2TB  255gm  $87.82(2TB)
Toshiba 1TB Canvio Basics USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive – HDTB210XK3BA(Black)  500 GB,750GB,1 TB,1.5 TB,2 TB  286 gm  $89.09(2TB)
Silicon Power 1TB Rugged Armor A30 Shockproof Standard 2.5-Inch USB 3.0 Military Grade External Portable Hard Drive,Black (SP010TBPHDA30S3K)  500GB,1TB,2 TB  136 gm  $62.09(1TB)
Toshiba Canvio Slim II 1TB Portable External Hard Drive, Silver (HDTD210XS3E1)  500GB,1TB  154gm  $79.99(1TB)
Samsung P3 1TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive  1TB  150gm  $76.49(1TB)
Seagate Expansion STBX2000401 2TB 2.5-Inch USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive  500GB,1TB,1.5 TB,2 TB  167 gm  $84.99(2TB)
Transcend Military Drop Tested 1 TB USB 3.0 M3 External Hard Drive (TS1TSJ25M3)  500 GB,750GB,1 TB,2 TB  218gm $62.99(1TB)
Transcend Military Drop Tested 1 TB USB 3.0 M3 External Hard Drive (TS1TSJ25M3)  500 GB,1 TB  153gm $69.99(1TB)
G-Technology G-DRIVE mobile Portable USB 3.0 1TB Hard Drive for On-the-Go Laptop Users (Silver) (0G02428)  500 GB,1TB  164gm  $89.95(1TB)

These are mostly good rated EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE within $100 range.

We have given some of the essential information so that you can choose a good hard drive. So we have seen it is very easy, and cheap, to have a backup drive for the computers. Backup drives are very necessary to store important data where the computers do not give a much internal space for backing up.