This is the fact that innovation and creation has no boundary. Everyday something new innovative and creative  has been found in technologies whether it is smartphone, tablet,  laptop, television or home appliances.

In this post we are going to see  technology advancement into gadgets that can make your day to day life very easy. Not only innovative & creative but very useful as well.

List of life hacking gadgets

Apple Slicer

Apple SlicerRead More :

Pineapple Peeler Cutter

Pineapple Peeler cutterRead More :

Lekue Citrus Spray

Lekue Citrus SprayRead More :

One-Click Butter Cutter  

One Click Butter CutterRead More :

One Step Corn Kerneler

One Step Corn KernelerRead More :

Water Bottle Ice Cubes

Water Botttle Ice CubesRead More :

Clip On Pouring  

Clip on PuringRead More :

Strawberry Huller 

Stawberry HullerRead More :

Ice Cube Tube  

 Ice Cube TubeRead More :