In this tech era where day by day we are getting upgrade with technology, getting more and more functionalists & features in mostly all device, specifically I would say in “Smartphones” .

When Pocket Antenna can be helpful

Lots of innovation and features are coming in smartphones continuously. No matter how high or costly phone you hold, but what if your cell has no signal ?? We all may have faced this situation of having no signal in cell phone, especially when we really need, it is irritating & dangerous sometimes.

GoTenna 1

With the increased use of smartphones, number of mobile towers also getting increase, but still there are many places where you don’t get signal. So lets take a look on a gadget that provides you “ANTENNA” wherever you “GO”, this gadgets helps you to get signals anywhere and the name of the gadget is “GoTenna”.

Small – pocket sized device that you can attach with your belt or backpack. This is device is very useful to get signal in emergency. This device does not require satellite connection, it connects to smartphone via BLE : Bluetooth Low Energy.  This works on the science of radio waves.

GoTenna Gadget


How Pocket Antenna works

Switch on the device and take the antenna out and you will be able to text messages, share location (GPS Coordinates), accessing GPS. GoTenna app lets you know nearby GoTenna devices & allows to text individually or to all nearby GoTenna devices i.e. encrypted hence it is private too. It can broadcast upto 50 miles with its broadcast mode. It provides basic support, not gives Facebook or Twitter use.

Having 2 ounces weight, 5.8 inches height and with antenna it can be more 2.2 inches extended. On a single charge, It can last upto 1 year or half if remains off and gives last upto 72 hours to 30 hours depending on usage. Main drawback of this device is that it is decentralized and allows communication with GoTenna users.Price of 2 GoTenna is $149.

This device resemble me Walkies-Talkies, isn’t it??. Stay tuned for more stuff.