The panel is 5.1 – inch and is flat. The panel is same i.e. 5.1 – inch but it is curved.
It is thinner. The thickness is 6.8mm. It is marginally thicker than S6 , the thickness being 7mm.
In terms of display features, both have Ambient Light Sensor, Multi Touch and Proximity Sensor.But Galaxy S6 also boasts an Additional support for display. Most display features are same but it does not have any such additional display support.
It has a lower battery capacity of 2,550 MAH.Though not as good as S6 EDGE, the capacity is fairly above average. It has a slightly higher battery capacity of 2,600 MAH. Battery capacity is the best indicator of a phone’s overall battery performance.
It weighs 138 grams and is slightly heavier than S6 EDGE. It weighs 132 grams. Hence, it is lighter as compared to S6.
The minimum level required for capturing images of high quality is at least 8 megapixels. Both phones have primary cameras above this. It has not been tested by DxOMark website. It has been tested by website DxOMark, which is a camera benchmarking website. The website has declared S6 EDGE to have scored the best overall score of all the phones they have tested so far.
The battery may drop by almost 45% in three hours if 3D gaming is being used. The drop in battery will be 40% in such case.
Both phones have Corning Gorilla Glass on back and front. Both have metal rims as well. But it lacks in looks when compared to S6 EDGE. It will catch people’s eye instantly and will gather glances filled with admiration.
It has a prominently visible protruding camera. The protruding camera is less noticeable in this phone.
In terms of portability, it is not a better choice as it is bulkier than S6 EDGE. It is lighter than S6 by 4% and hence, is more portable.
The notifications and messages are displayed on the top of the screen, not on the corners. The curves add some additional functionality such as time display.  You can access the notifications and messages from the edges.
The LED serves as the notification light in S6. When the phone is placed upside down, the edge can be set to function as a notification light.
Because of its flat screen, S6 is produced in a larger quantity as it is easy to manufacture. It has been produced in more limited quantities because it is difficult to manufacture a curved screen.
Each phone is available in White Pearl, Gold Platinum and Black Sapphire colours. The exclusive colour available in S6 is Blue Topaz. Green Emerald is the exclusive colour for S6 EDGE.
As far as comfort in holding the phone is concerned, S6 sits more nicely in your hand’s palm. In S6 EDGE, there is only a thin metal available to grip and the curve of the phone does not go in the right direction. Hence it is less user friendly to be held in hand.
It is easier to access the edge of the phone away from you, thanks to the flat screen. It is difficult to reach to the other side that curves downwards.
The cost of 32GB variant of S6 is 49,900 INR. It is priced at INR 58,900 for 32GB variant.
The cost of 64GB variant of S6 is 55,900 INR. It is priced at INR 64,900 for 64GB variant.
The cost of 128GB variant of S6 is 61,900 INR. It is priced at INR 70,900 for 128GB variant.