Skully- The World’s Smartest Helmet

Call it the itch to constantly create comforts for human fraternity or a hidden lust for luxury; amenities and product development have always enjoyed protection under the pretext and veil of technology. After all modern life calls us to take up and assimilate even the simplest of things like brushing into the domain of scientific development.

Whatever the reason might be, there are many developments that might not actually attract the fancy of the common people. These advanced helmets come at a time when the international community is suffering from a very high rate of accidents all around the world. Well what is this Skully by the way? Is it some hocus Focus Halloween Hoodlum or a prototype robot that has supernatural intelligence?

World Smartest helmet


Well Skully belongs to an extraordinary species of super helmets that gives you eyes behind your head. You cannot deny that fact that you wished for eyes behind your head. Gone are those days when you fantasized about owning super smart helmets .

For the first time in the history of human beings. You have a 180 degree view ;thanks to the sprawling technological advancement that the developers of skully managed to harness. . Justifying its spot in the top ten inventions of 2014, Skully is a ground breaking and outstanding inventions that combines creative fantasy along with a really high amount of usefulness.

This beginning of a revolution in the motorcycle technology has dropped many jaws. This generic and popular helmet for the coming digital age is going to replace all the rigid, morbid and gloomy helmets.  Skully is the future of automobile engineering. This smartest motorcycle helmet ever is all set to make travelling and transportation all the more safer and enjoyable.

Some of the salient features of this wonderful helmet Skully are as follows:

1)       Skully has a transparent Heads UP Display.
2)      An amazing Ultra Wide 180 Degree Rear View Camera.
3)      A Knightly Electro chromic Visor / E Tint Visor.
4)      Compatibility with GPS Maps.
5)      Voice Control systems.
6)      Links for communication and music.
7)      A High speed Micro Speed Micro Processor.
8)      A Dedicated Operating system.

Motorcycle helmet
Skull fundamentally enhances human capabilities. The embedded camera offers a rear view. Skully gives you the convenience of Google in a glass. In order to reduce noise distraction, it incorporates voice recognition. A remote control on the motorcycle handle bar can give a great amount of control on Skully. The rear fin is the core and the crux of the vertically integrated design. It reduces wind buffering to a great extent.  This in turn helps the voice recognition function in a better manner.

A magical ambient light sensor enables a vision with a great amount of clarity even during darkness or scorching heat of the sun.

People habituated with the regular helmets can be annoyed or could be irritated at the display of the Skully. It could be a nuisance to many who do not have the habit of using Skully. But growing accustomed to the new view should be a big deal for most of the users.

Skully Hemlet

One of the few drawbacks of this wonderful helmet that resembles a part of the helmet used by Iron- man is that it can run not more than 9 hours. Another drawback is that it costs easily around 3000 dollars. No normal person would ever pay 3000 rs for a motorcycle helmet.  This can be one of the most discouraging factors for Skully. Thus Skully must seriously consider building upon the domain of cost effectiveness. Great and wise men say that it is impossible to put a price on safety.

GPS maps floating in front of you like a hologram are something that you can again bring to reality with the help of Skully. The world’s most intelligent motorcycle helmet –Skull P1 is just another prototype of a genius species of helmet that is about to revolutionize the entire world of motorcycle helmets. There are possibly dozens of features in the Skully P1. The Skully synapse takes multiple on board data.

Internet enabled heads up display mobile platform; It takes multiple sensors data from onboard sensors, GPS as well as review camera and renders it to the heads up display. It is thus nothing but a natural extension of your senses. Thus Skully hears, sees, feels and it thinks. It’s on board microprocessor and android based OS, it is easily the smartest motorcycle helmet on the planet.