The aerial drones are soon going to be a reality. Wild imagination and creative expertise combined with technical research and a flair for flight will result into the birth of a prodigious product that will floor away geeks and techies as well as any normal tom, dick and harry!

Flone, A new combination of Phone and Drone

There is a new device that is in range amongst aerial drone developers and these customized devices are special in the sense that they have integrated two gross aspects of this materialistic human world viz transport and communication.

Flone- A Phone - Drone Combined

A rare occasion when portability and digital access/ data exchange marries each other and blends so well that they seem to be congenial siblings. Flying robots and machines like replicas of miniscule bees which can spy on enemies are all very famous in our fantasies. Well this device which is called as a Flone takes us extremely close to the verge of manifesting that great dream!

Performance of Flone

Customized Aerial drones capable of clicking photographs and shooting videos possess extreme potential and no one can deny that fact. Besides being a recipient of the Next Things Award in the year 2013 is in itself a great acknowledgement for this breathtaking aspect. It is the personification of the innate quest of human beings to excel and cross our own standards and benchmarks.

So this combination of a phone and a drone (called as a Flone) is capable of flying up to the decent height of around 20 m over the ground. This is approximately 65 feet. As discussed earlier, its special capability is that it can click photos and videos. While satellites orbiting around the earth do the same thing, a huge and drastic difference is that they are not gigantic and do not cost even a fraction of those aerial satellites.
Many of us might be wondering how to build this special Flone?

Flone - Flying Phone

Primarily you need to construct or build an airframe. An H Quad copter that is familiar to everyone is something that gives this device a unique character. There must be caution to leave enough space in the quad copter to be laden with smart phones easily. The cameras must have room to protrude out and scavenge and collect the required data.

Constructing smart phones that can fly and making it generic is an indomitable task. But proverbial predictions have proved that there is some truth in them. Necessity for such a Flone was the mother of the fantastic invention of the phone drone.

A Multi wii flight board and any standard camera app can be used.

Objective of Flone:

The objective is to work on an application that allows onboard sensors and telemetric configurations based on the specific handset or Smartphone.

Apparatus required:

•   An Android Smartphone with the latest specifications
•   A Multi Wii or an Arduino Flight controller setup
•   A Mini Power Distribution panel or board
•   A DSM2 controller
•   Exactly 4 good quality Motors
•   Exactly 4 ESC
•   A Battery.

Does all this sound extremely technical?


Well we will simplify it for you!

All that it includes is a small frame made of wood. This wooden board is used to power 4 propellers. You might need to join the Smartphone with the wooden framework or simply hook it comfortably. Apart from this, another good Smartphone or handset might be required to control the manoeuvres of the Flone.

How Flone works

Parallels can be drawn to a GPS tracking device which incessantly tracks down people to this majestic and flamboyant new invention that can spy your neighbour or fidget with the privacy of your neighbour! Well that might make your neighbour cringe about his privacy but this is what this Flone offers. While it doesn’t enable us to protrude into other’s privacy, we can very well use it for research or investigative purposes.

This brainchild of a genius engineer called as Lot Amoros and a technical prodigy Ms Cristina Navarro, the wonderful Flone transforms the smart phones into flying devices that can effortlessly shoot videos and capture images a decent level of altitude. With a motto of making Flone publicly accessible, this duo has aspired to elevate public space or air into a domain of mass research.

Thus Flones are the perfect devices that showcase the perfect harmony  between portability , innovation, imagination and creativity !!