In the era of 21st century, where we cannot expect any single thing without computers, some people still perceive computers to be a crazy electronic machine which works wonders!

Here we are again for our Freefeast family with a brief short summary touching on “Types of Computers – Based on Function“

Computers can be divided into four basic categories based on the function the device performs:



3-Information Appliances

4-Embedded Computers


Servers are nothing but dedicated computers which are set-up to offer some services to the clients [ computers ]. They are named depending on the type of service they offer.

For example – Computers serving clients with Database are called Database Servers and Computers serving clients with security modules are called as Security Servers. They are bit different because high performing servers are set-up with high configuration hardwares and softwares.


Those are the computers designed to primarily to be used by single user at a time. They run multi-user operating systems. They are the ones which we use for our day to day personal / commercial work.

Information Appliances:

They are the portable devices which are designed to perform a limited set of tasks like basic calculations, playing multimedia, browsing internet etc. They are generally referred as the mobile devices. They have very limited memory and flexibility and generally run on “as-is” basis.

Embedded Computers:

They are the computing devices which are used in other machines to serve limited set of requirements. They follow instructions from the non-volatile memory and they are not required to execute reboot or reset. The CPU’s used in such device cater to those basic requirements only and are different from the ones that are used in personal computers- better known as workstations.

Example of this would be MP3 Players, Washing Machines etc.

For I.T Students:- It is nice to at par with latest technology, but sometimes in this competitive education world, we may skip some basic facts to be known ! So go ahead, but with the basics sharp!

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