Few forms of entertainment can compare to the exciting experience you get when you are hooked up on a virtual reality headset. From driving fast cars to climbing rocky mountains and exploring the depths of the seas, a virtual reality headset is sure to surprise, educate and excite you.

There are different VR headsets in the market with some offering free games while others require you to pay a fee to unleash all functions. Regardless of what you pick, you can be sure to get value for your money. Keep in mind that some VR headsets only require you to connect them to an Android device while others may only function when hooked to a PC or game console such as the PlayStation.

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What is a Virtual Reality Headset?

Virtual Reality Headset

A virtual reality headset is a device that provides virtual reality entertainment or information to its wearer. The headset comprises of a stereoscopic head-mounted display, stereo sound, and head motion tracking sensors. Specific VR headsets may feature eye-tracking sensors and gaming controllers. Users mount the device on their head.

Virtual reality is an interactive computer-generated experience that seeks to immerse an individual in a simulated environment. Virtual realism features aspects such as auditory, visual and sensory feedback. While in a virtual world, an individual may be present in a world much similar to the real one or one that results from imagination. Virtual reality is the next big thing as it allows individuals to enjoy their favorite videos, games or movies realistically.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Virtual Reality Headset

To ensure that you are getting the best experience you must pick a virtual reality headset that offers comfort, affordability, durability, and ease of use.


The last thing you want is to pick a headset that features a lot of wire connections. That kind of wiring may make your experience less than ideal. The headset you select should have a soft and smooth outer cover that does not irritate your skin. It should also be light enough to avoid putting too much pressure on your head.


Picking the cheapest virtual reality headset may not be the most prudent move. That is because you may not get quality. However, you should not just choose the most expensive product thinking that it offers the best quality. Instead, take the time to compare the various products in the market and settle on one that is available at a cost that you can comfortably afford.

Ease of use

Any headset that takes you more than 3 hours to set up is not the ideal pick. Go for something that features a simple design which allows you to set it up within a short time. It should have clearly labeled and easily accessible controls to enable you to enjoy the experience


When you purchase a virtual reality headset, you want something that will last for years to come. That is why you should go for a product that comes with an exceptional warranty. Do not go for products that are sold by any manufacturer that is not willing to offer a long-term guarantee.

Who Can Use a Virtual Reality Headset?

Just about any member of the family can use a virtual reality headset. However, you should not allow children that fall below the age of 12 to use VR headsets unless otherwise stipulated on the product manual. It is equally important for people who have epilepsy to avoid using these headsets as flashing lights may trigger seizures.

Top 6 Best Virtual Reality Headsets

These are among the best virtual reality headsets on the market. Manufactured by reputable brands that offer quality sound and image display, it is worth noting that the list is in no particular order.

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The HTC Vive comes across as one of the most exciting of the virtual reality headsets. It features one of the best precision movement tracking systems owing to a 360-degree controller and headset that takes care of all your movements. This system’s dual controllers, made of top quality solid plastic, are durable and resistant to scratches and dents.

Two screens within the virtual reality headset allow users to view images with a resolution of up to 1080 x 1200 pixels. Also available with the headset are two sensor cubes which enable the system to detect when you are getting too close to something. These cubes come with mounting brackets making it possible for users to screw them into the wall.

This system is such that you can enjoy its immersive effects while sitting or standing and moving around. Of course, for games, you may have an even more enjoyable time if you have enough space to move around. This system is available on Amazon depending on accessories and state of the product, but you may have to spend an extra $100 to set up the gaming room.

This device has some of the most important features anyone can look for in a virtual reality headset. The pros certainly make it one of the most futuristic VR headsets to hit the market.

While these cons may dampen your spirit when it comes to buying a good VR headset, the truth is that few other products in the market can match the performance and experience you get from this device.


  • Comes with a two-month free trial of Viveport subscription
  • You get to interact with the virtual world using two controllers
  • Bluetooth for pairing with a smartphone
  • The battery does not drain fast
  • Features good pre-installed games


  • Needs a lot of space for full experience
  • Setup takes up more than an hour
  • Minimum requirements for PC setup may be too much for some people
  • It is quite expensive

[amazon link=”B073X8N1YW” title=”The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset” /]

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The Oculus Rift features two controllers that give better grip. These controllers are similar to traditional joysticks and button layout. They also have two sensors that detect a gamer’s movements. As users fix the headset in place, they notice two high-quality display screens (one for each eye). The display screen offers 1200 x 1080 pixels of screen resolution.

A remote control makes using this particular system comfortable and convenient. You can enjoy the immersive experience of this virtual reality headset sitting or standing. However, you do not get to move around as much as you would when gaming on the HTC Vive. This system also features integrated VR audio that ensures your experience is indeed out of this world. This system is available on Amazon depending on the condition and accessories available.

Apart from being cheaper than the HTC Vive, this device offers a realistic virtual realm with plenty of options for users to download new games and apps.

The cons of this device are quite minimal and may affect only a handful of users which is why it remains one of the best products on the market.


  • It is light in weight and features smooth surfaces for maximum comfort
  • This system is easy to set up
  • Allows users to download thousands of games
  • It is customizable
  • It is cheaper than the HTC Vive


  • Images are not as sharp as the ones on HTC Vive
  • Some gamers get VR sickness afterward
  • It has no motion controls

[amazon link=”B07GQPWJQN” title=”PlayStation VR” /]

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The PlayStation virtual reality headset is without a doubt one of the most impressive when it comes to seamless visuals. With a large 5.7-inch OLED 1080p display going at up to 120 frames per second users can genuinely enjoy the immersive experience of this system. This system has a camera that keeps track of LEDs around the headset, on the Dual-shock 4 wireless controller and the PlayStation Move motion controller. This camera provides accurate capture of your movements in virtual space.

The PlayStation VR is arguably one of the easiest systems to set up. All you have to do is plug and play. You do not have to spend too much time connecting wires and creating a conducive environment for gaming. 3D audio technology makes it possible for users to determine precisely where each sound is coming from including above, below or in front. This system comes with some of the most popular games including RIGS mechanized Combat League, Golem, and Star Wars Battlefront VR Experience. Another exciting feature of this system is that it has an integrated microphone allowing users to chat with online connections. This particular headset is available on Amazon.

This virtual reality headset allows you to chat with friends and other gamers in real time while also being light and compact enough for you to carry along on your trips.

The pros associated with this device far outweigh the cons, which is why many individuals worldwide are opting for the Playstation VR headset.


  • It is relatively cheaper than others on this list
  • It is easy to set up and use
  • Comes with exceptional games
  • Can connect with other gamers in real time


  • Visuals are not as sharp as competitors
  • Loses track of user when cameras are not in the right place
  • Short wire connections limit movement space

[amazon link=”B01N634P7O” title=”Google Daydream View headset” /]

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If you are looking for something pocket-friendly but still has enough immersion, then Google Daydream View might be the right pick. To use this headset, you must buy a Daydream ready phone. Just place the phone inside the device, and you are ready to go. Everything you need is built into this device meaning you do not have to spend too much time on set up. The compact and lightweight design of this device makes it ideal for individuals who want to enjoy virtual reality at home and away.

The Daydream app allows users to explore various games and download the ones they find most exciting. Users can explore different parts of the world including deep oceans and famous landmarks from around the world. A soft, breathable fabric covering the entire virtual reality headset affords comfort and keeps the face from getting irritated. A hand-washable facepad makes it easy to share with friends. Individuals can purchase this device on Amazon.

Wireless connectivity, lightweight, and compact design are certainly some of the things that make this device stand out from its competitors.

While this device falls short in some aspects of virtual reality, it certainly makes up for its downs with the cheap pricing, portability, and compatibility with various devices.


  • Light and compact enough to carry from one point to another
  • Smooth surface for comfort
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Relatively cheaper than most virtual reality headsets
  • Does not make use of a lot of wires and accessories


  • Phone heats up when the VR is on for too long
  • A limited library of apps
  • Not as immersive as previous products on this list

[amazon link=”B01HU3J9QA” title=”Samsung Gear VR with Controller” /]

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The Samsung Gear VR system weighs less than a pound and features a compact design making it an ideal headset for people that want portability. It is compatible with various mobile devices including Galaxy S9, Note 8, S7, S6 Edge among others. It has social features that allow users to interact with others who are online. Individuals can watch videos, play games or chat in a virtual world.

A complete 360-degree immersion with a 101-degree field of view offers users the ultimate experience when it comes to virtual reality. A top quality strap keeps the headset firmly fixed on the head regardless of movement. Soft foam cushioning system ensures that you are comfortable while preventing too much light from penetrating through the sides.

A gear VR controller allows users to interact with the virtual environment with relative ease. Settings are clearly labeled on the controller to help individuals understand what precisely each press of a button is likely to do. With over 100 apps at users’ disposal, there is never a dull day with this system in hand. This device is available on Amazon at the cost of $51 to $119 depending on condition and version.

You get to enjoy your favorite games and videos at any time you want. The device is not only cheap but compatible with a variety of Android devices.

If you are willing to overlook the aspects of phone heating and massive storage space required for the software, then this could be the ideal VR headset for you.


  • Relatively cheaper than competitors
  • Simple and straightforward setup
  • Light in weight and compact enough for convenient travels
  • Compatible with various mobile devices
  • Does not require too much wire connections


  • Images are not as sharp as is the case with competitors
  • Mobile device tends to heat up when the virtual reality headset is in use for too long
  • The software is massive and bloated

6. Pansonite VR headset with a remote controller

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The Pansonite VR headset is another one of the pocket-friendly options. Anyone can purchase this device from Amazon. Featuring an ergonomic design with a T-shaped strap, individuals can enjoy their experience without having to worry about dropping the device. Lightweight and soft materials (leather and elastic sponge) make it possible for users to enjoy videos, games and educational materials without exerting pressure on the face or eyes. Just about any Android smartphone with a screen size between 4.7 and 6.0-inches can work with this device.

Advanced optical grade PMMA HD aspheric lenses for Anti dizziness allow users to enjoy gaming and movie watching for longer periods without getting sick. Individuals can use any piece of clean cloth to dust off the device before and after use. A powerful multifunctional Bluetooth remote controller makes it convenient for users to adjust system settings.

Just about anyone can enjoy virtual reality thanks to this innovative device. It is affordable and compatible with just about any Android device.

The downsides associated with this device make it the least favorite on this list. However, you can still get a memorable experience if you are not looking for anything fancy.


  • Customizable design
  • Portable enough for people who like to travel with their VR systems
  • Minimal requirements to enjoy virtual reality
  • Quite affordable for a VR system
  • Compatible with most Android devices


  • The lens may fog up in certain situations
  • Images do not focus as clearly as they do with other devices
  • Straps do not adjust so well for some people’s heads

How We Reviewed These Headsets

To ensure that you find the ideal product these headsets are rated depending on their price, clarity of images, ease of use and overall entertainment value. The products come across as safe and convenient for just about anyone regardless of age and gender.

Virtual Reality Headset

The Final Verdict on The Best Virtual Reality Headset

For anyone that has enough money and time to spend on a virtual reality headset, the HTC Vive is the best option. It offers top quality images and makes interaction with the virtual world as real as it can get. Users can enjoy the experience while sitting or moving around the room. Sound quality is also top notch. However, if you are on a budget any of the virtual reality headsets that fall below $150 can be a good option.