Computer Science

Information Technology

Computer science deals with the study of the usage of computer programming and design. They include data processing, computation, various system controls, coding that helps in building different applications or gaming consoles. Development of operating systems, any usable hardware or software component etc. are all parts of computer science. A computer science engineer writes the codes using programming language, mathematical algorithms, computer theory to form an integrated application IT deals with the maintenance and processing of data. They use the computer systems, software and networks to develop and distribute all information involved in a business transaction. Basically they act as the practical user of the applications designed by the computer science programmers and focus on the flow of data. Thus it plays an important role in any business whether it is small or large. They implies the need of different technologies suitable for a business, can explain client the feasibility of certain plan and help improve business in a smarter way
Computer Science focuses on the reason and logic behind every coding and are concerned with the fundamentals of computer programming. The engineers actually has the ability to talk to the computer by studying about the machine itself IT focuses on how to implement and launch the designed application in front of the customers so that they come to know about its benefit. Thus IT is the medium through which the applications and the new technologies get highlighted
The computer science engineers assemble the computer parts together for the device to work. They deal with the maintenance and performance of the device IT engineers study about the database design and the networking in depth. They possess the skill to utilize an application cost effectively and resourcefully. They also possesses the ability to turn on a business
The computer science engineers hold the post of software developer, software engineer, java developer, system engineer, software development engineer, fusion middleware consultant The Information Technology engineers hold the post of network engineers, programmers/analysts, system administrators,  technical support specialist, business analyst
Computer Scientists focus on discrete mathematics, graphics design, coding, integration and app design. Backend code handling, end to end flow of data, application testing all are done by Computer Science engineers IT specialists are focused on system installation, network analysis, data management, system support
Computer scientists must have adequate knowledge on various programming language as C, C++, Java. They also should be proficient with web languages like http, https, xml, xhtml. The knowledge of frameworks is also very important IT specialist should be able to handle various operating systems like Linux, Unix, Windows, Apache, Windows server. They also need to know database like MySql, SQL Server, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g
Once an application is designed and coded to work properly, they are dependent on the IT specialists to attract customers towards the product and achieve a milestone. The IT specialists also bring client specific requirement to the computer science engineers and hence the later get the opportunity to design new software that covers new technology and architecture. Thus the business flourishes in great extent The IT specialist are also equally dependent on the computer science engineers because without them there will be no availability of applications or software that can help improve business. Moreover in any issues or fault of applications they need the computer science specialists to handle the error and make the software presentable in front of the customers
Computer Science jobs are subject to increase about 22 percent in the coming ten years Information technology related jobs are subject to grow by about 15 to 37 percentage in the coming ten years