Difference Between Raster Scan System and Random Scan System.

Raster Scan System Random Scan System
It has poor or less Resolution because picture definition is stored as a intensity value. It has High Resolution because it stores picture definition as a set of line commands.
Electron Beam is directed from top to bottom and one row at a time on screen, but electron beam is directed to whole screen. Electron Beam is directed to only that part of screen where picture is required to be drawn, one line at a time so also called Vector Display.
It is less expensive than Random Scan System. It is Costlier than Raster Scan System.
Refresh Rate Refresh rate is 60 to 80 frame per second. Refresh Rate depends on the number of lines to be displayed i.e 30 to 60 times per second.
Picture Definition It Stores picture definition in Refresh Buffer also called Frame Buffer. It Stores picture definition as a set of line commands called Refresh Display File.
Line Drawing Zig – Zag line is produced because plotted value are discrete. Smooth line is produced because directly the line path is followed by electron beam .
Realism in display It contains shadow, advance shading and hidden surface technique so gives the realistic display of scenes. It does not contain shadow and hidden surface technique so it can not give realistic display of scenes.
Image Drawing It uses Pixels along scan lines for drawing an image. It is designed for line drawing applications and uses various mathematical function to draw.