Dennis Ritchie

Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie : 1941 -2011

Dennis Ritchie, a pioneer in computer programming and “helped shape the digital era.

“Ritchie was best known as the creator of the  C programming language and key developer of the Unix operating system with his long-time colleague Ken Thompson.

He was co-author of The C Programming Language, and was the ‘R’  in K & R ( a well – known programming book written by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie).

Bjarne Stroustrup

Bjarne Stroustrup was founder of C++.

Bjarne Stroustrup is one of the most notable Danish computer scientists who developed the widely used C++ programming language in 1983.

He currently works as a Professor and as well as he holds the College of Engineering Endowed Chair in Computer Science at Texas A&M UniversityUnited States.

James Gosling

James Gosling is known as the father of the Java programming language or best known as Founder of JAVA.

Gosling has worked with Sun Microsystems from 1984 to 2010.In 2011, he had been hired by Google as a chief software architect.

Ken Thompson

Kenneth Lane Thompson

Ken Thompson is an American pioneer of computer science and was the principal inventor of UNIX.

Ken Thompson was winner of Turing Award of the 1983 with Dennis Ritchie.Thompson also developed Unix, B (programming language)Belle (chess machine)UTF-8 (a widely used character encoding scheme) and many more and most recently the co-creation of Google’s programming language Go is a compiled,garbage-collectedconcurrent programming language developed by Google Inc.

Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds is the founder of Linux, an open source operating system.He is also known as creator the kernel for the GNU/Linux OS.
Larry Ellison

Lawrence Joseph “Larry” Ellison.

Larry is the co-founder of Oracle Corporation.From the beginning, Larry Ellison served as Chief Executive Officer of Oracle Corporation.

In 1977, Ellison founded company, with the name ‘Software Development Labs’  from getting inspiration from a paper called “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks” by Edgar F. Codd on relational database system.

Ellison founded company with two of his colleagues of Amdahl Corporation, Robert Miner and Ed Oates with the name ‘Software Development Labs’ . In 1979, the company was renamed Relational Software Inc., later renamed to ‘Oracle’.

Rasmus Lerdorf

Rasmus Lerdorf is best known as Creator of PHP scripting Language.

Lerdorf developed PHP in 1995 and he has contributed to a number of other open source projects over the years.He is also not only known as inventor of PHP but also known as for being a notable open source developer, speaker and author.He has contributed to the Apache HTTP Server and he also added the LIMIT clause to the mSQL Database.

He worked at Yahoo! as an Infrastructure Architecture Engineer from September 2002 to November 2009.

Before joining to his work at Yahoo!, Rasmus worked at LinuxCare, IBM, and Bell Globis.

In 2010, he joined WePay in order to develop their API. In February , 2012, he  he had joined

Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich is a creator of the JavaScript Scripting Language.

He works at the Mozilla Corporation as a Chief Technology Officer.

JavaScript was originally developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape Programmer under the name Mocha and then renamed to LiveScript, and finally to JavaScript.Eich is best known for his work on Netscape and Mozilla. In April 1995, He started working on JavaScript under Netscape Communications Corporation.

In 1998, he also co-founded the project, served as a chief architect. In August 2005, Eich became CTO(Chief Technology Officer) of Mozilla.

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