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Continuing ahead, here are some more insights about the history creators Sergey Brin & Larry Page.

Early Life :

Brin‘s father & grandfather both studied mathematics & computer science and following their foot steps , Brin also developed keen interest in mathematics & later computer science, which has now placed a non-replaceable mark in the internet history.Brin’s father was so much interested into programming that he himself taught programming.

Page, had same background, his father who was a pioneer in computer science,studied computer science which was just about to get wings at that point of time. Page also was keen interested in computer gadgets and such creative stuff since childhood and recalled in an interview that his room was always messy and full of computer gadgets and science magazines.

for Page, it is known that he felt that internet at that time was loosely coupled and he emphasized that if proper citations are used and proper backlink weightage is estimated somehow, than more relevant and useful data can be managed properly which would help the community at large. Page later married a research scientist named Ms. Lucinda Southworth in 2007.

Brin married  Anne Wojcicki in 2007, who was a Biotech Analyst. They both together carry out various charity activities in the filed of I.T, Biotech & Power & some others.Brin and his wife also run The Brin Wojcicki Foundation.

It was said by Page that they both were initially very different from each other and had opposite ideas, but we can see from their life insights that how certain factors actually co-relate to both of them, and how destiny brought them together to create a wonderful history.

They both had a different attitude, which changed attitudes of many, when most search engines were flooded with advertisements, they kept themselves away, and later only opened doors for textual simple advertisements. A big No to pop-ups and even the paid links are identified differently.They both together keep the office environment also flexible and innovation friendly, the engineers are allowed to chase their creative imaginations and work on projects they like, in their leisure time.

  • In 2004, Brin and Page also launched the company’s philanthropic arm, Google.org, which focused on solving worldwide problems relating to poverty, energy and the environment.
  • Its always nice to see such big personalities working for community and treating the employees as family. Also we can also get a feel that how destiny sometime brings two different-yet-similar personalities which together write GB’s of successful stories. It can also be related to Hydrogen & Oxygen, both are gases, with different characteristics but when they combine- It results into water, & needless to say, Water is Life !

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