history of java by freefeast.infoThe history of java language dates way before 1991. Still the notable growth of java starts from this very year. A team led by James Goslings were working hard to find a language that would support the feature: PORTABILITY.

As an outcome of their efforts a language was created that would support the portability feature. This programming language was initially named “oak“. Why?

This name was given by Goslings from an oak tree which he could see standing outside his office through his window.

On May 23, 1995 Sun systems officially named it Java and released a browser that supported it named- Hot Java. This browser could run applets which were introduced to increase the interactivity of the user with the website.

Initially, the compiler for java was made using the C language. Later, in-order to prove that java was a full fledged language they rewrote the compiler in theĀ  same java language.

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