According to the CEO of AMAZON.COM Jeff Bezos the parcel-copter which is also known as drones will be able to deliver a parcel to the customer who has ordered it. Miniature Unmanned Air Vehicle (Miniature UAV) technology utilizes GPS autonomously to fetch the location of the customer via their smart phones and fly individual packages to the customer within 30 minutes of ordering. But according to the CEO the parcel should be small in size and the delivery location must be within ten miles from the Amazon centre.

Firstly Amazon faced hurdles as commercial use of UAV technology was not in practice. But in MARCH, 2015 The US FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION gave the permission to test the pro-type model and it was tested in a secret CANADIAN site. The FAA allowed AMAZON to test within FAA guidelines. The drones cannot fly higher than 400 ft and cannot fly faster than 161kmph.

But on the contrary the winning approval does not mean that the system will be as exactly described. Amazon is trying now to convince the FAA to approve commercial use of parcel-copter.

As per the plans, drones will be able to update their routes in real-time. People will be also able to choose to whom the parcel may be delivered .Either to his home or at his workplace or anywhere he wishes.



Few details of AMAZON Drone

  • The parcel-copter can speak with each other about the details of weather conditions and helps each other to route and give each other the route planning.
  • It will automatically plan safe route when possible – “for instance, if the UAV’s route has to cross a road. The voyage of the route can be adjusted to the junction between the UAV’s path and the way.”
  • It constantly monitors for living beings that is in the path or designated routed path of the UAV and can constantly change

it’ s route to avoid any kind of collision or distortion.

  • Though the UAV’s will operate autonomously, pilots may be used to help land the devices. This landing data can then be saved to fully automate the delivery next time.
  • The application includes Amazon order on the machine screen with four alternative choice for delivery: Bring it to me 2.Home 3. Work and 4. My Boat
  • If the customer is moving also he can receive the good as the parcel-copter is ready to fetch the location from the customer’s mobile via GPS.
  • It also has the option for the COPTER to drop the parcel at a secure location for. The system of the COPTER will also include the option for relay location, where parcel-copter can drop the package for further transportation and a position to recharge its battery.


The News channel BBC describes some of the features of THE PARCEL-COPTER:

  • Amazon will be going to launch a combo of unmanned automobiles depending on the feature of the product like shape ,weight
  • Different tools Flight sensors, sonar, cameras, radar, and infrared will be deployed to confirm a secure as well as a very safe landing position are detected
  • The consumer who ordered the parcel can be able to select a variety of delivery options.
  • The parcel-copter will continuously monitor its route

We obviously cannot deny that Amazon’s parcel-copter is an outstanding innovative idea and it will be beneficial for cutting the budget. A human being always has a probability to make errors but a machine certainly cannot.