Smartphones,  tablets , Laptops, etc. have become very important part of our life. Even with lots of features, most of gadgets tend to face problems  like battery and charging.

New innovative charger

Isn’t it a great technology which uses less energy ???  Today we will see a gadget which can charge your devices and cut down your electricity cost. One more innovation in technology which  charge your phone with your own breath.

Charge Your Phone With Your Own Breath

We have heard about the solar powered gadgets and wind powered gadgets, add one more in this category i.e. breath powered gadgets.  Name of this gadget is “AIRE Mask” .  AIRE Mask uses your own breath to charge your phone. This amazing Mask is designed by “Joao Paulo Lammoglia” and his concept has won the 2011’s Red Dot design award.

How AIRE Mask charger works

This device works on the concept of tiny wind turbines/generators. User wears this mask and their breathing (CO2) will turns into electric energy  via turbine and then via cable one can charge the  phone. Special thing which I like most for charging is no need to stuck with wall or place where you charge i.e. you can charge phone at any place and in any situation. AIRE Mask can charge your phone while sleeping, exercising, walking, running, writing, typing, reading, etc.

Charge Your Phone With Your Own Breath -AIRE

So, No need to depend on electricity for charging, you can use this energy which is available to you 24*7  for charging your phone.  With that it also reduces consumption of electricity and saves energy.