Beta Inkless Pen

Beta Inkless pen

Imagine getting your hands on a pen or pencil that does not rely on timbler, ink or graphite and is therefore more eco-sensitive than any pencil you have ever used??Well, that’s exactly what the Beta Inkless Pen is.

It has a lead tip and feels heavier than most pen or pencils that you might have used, so getting used to it is tricky.

With this pen no need of sharpening or refilling the ink. The pen leaves a grey imprint when scribbled on paper and this beta pen needs no refilling as it has no ink. This pen has special “metal alloy tip” which is long lasting.

Beta Inkless pen1


This pen is available in two styles : first is standard and second is keychain. In standard style, it is available in silver, black and in cherry wood barrel. In Keychain style, there is stainless steel barre with key-ring , and screw on cap.