What is QBracelet ?

QBracelet is stylish wearable bracelet and smartphone charger as well. With the increasing use of smartphone, we are getting bigger screen, better resolution and more powerful features with no doubt as you might expect better battery life. All the features are dumb if your smartphone has no battery.

QBRacelet Charger

A new gadget that is a stylish metallic accessory & portable charger which keeps your smartphone charged. Good thing about this gadget is that it is very stylish with suitable design for man or a woman. When you unfold this bracelet, there is a hidden ‘Charging Connector’. For Android devices : a micro USB connector and for iPhone : a Lightning connector.

QBracelet Specifications:

Inside this bracelet’s metal shell, there is 1160 mAh battery which can charge your device upto 60%. This gadget takes approximately 90 minutes to charge itself. In stand by mode, it can last upto 30 days. When user pull open or unfold the bracelet, LED on bracelet will automatically show the battery level and while charging itself  QBracelet shows the current charging level.


QBracelet is water-resistant, offered in five colors matte & brushed black and matte & polished silver and polished gold .It is 8 mm thick and comes in three different sizes : small-1.23 ounces, medium-1.41 ounces and large-1.59 ounces.

This gadget is available for pre-order on company’s website for $79 and retail price for this gadget will be $99. This QBracelet will be available in December 2014.

This stylish smart bracelet is used not only as electronic jewellery or accessory but boost your smartphone battery when you need it. A really very good concept with simplicity + elegant + extraordinarily useful + creativity + wearable. 🙂