Panel Control vs. PlaceHolder Control


Panel Control

PlaceHolder Control

Panel Control does have its visual layout and used as the container for other controls. PlaceHolder control does not have any visual output and used as a place holder when we add controls at run time. It is only container without its visible output.
Panel control renders as an HTML <DIV> tag. The content on the Panel control will be rendered within a surrounding <DIV>. PlaceHolder Control does not render any tag. It is rendered as nothing as it is replaced by its child controls.
Panel Control is inherited from the WebControl Class. PlaceHolder Control is inherited from the Control Class.
When any new control is added to the Panel Control, it can’t adjust the width of it automatically. When any new control is added to the PlaceHolder control, it can automatically adjust the width of it.
Panel Control supports the styling attributes so we can set background color, font color,border width/color/style, css class, etc. PlaceHolder Control does not support styling attributes so we can’t set css class, or other properties like background color, forecolor, border width/color/style.
Panel Control consumes more memory in compare to PlaceHolder Control. PlaceHolder control contains less memory as it is light in size than Panel Control.
Panel Control has more properties than PlaceHolder Control. PlaceHolder Control has fewer properties than Panel Control.