We all know that Apple Watch has created the highest buzz last year in the industry of wearable devices. And the good news is that the space of wearable gadgets is expanding as now market of Smart- jewellery is also boosting. The Smart jewellery is offering women discreet and more fashionable options.

The Smart Jewellery has a lot to offer. The Smart accessories include bangles and bracelets like the Intel Mica and the Misfit Swarovski Shine. There are also pendants available like Burch x Fitbit and Troy.

Because of their small size, smart rings are tricky to understand perfectly.

However, we have brought you the best Smart Rings available in today’s world.

NFC Ring 2016

Top Five Awesome Smart Rings

The second gen NFC ring, crowdfunded on Kickstarter, is for unlocking the Smartphones and doors, connect people and transfer information.

This ring comes with two NFC tag patterns, one is for public information and another is for more confidential stuff. The private tag is for the tasks such as unlocking door and payment related information. This task can be done with the inner part of the ring closest to the palm, so it needs an intentional gesture to utilize.

The public information portion is for things you want to share, such as your email address. This part is placed on the top side of the finger.

The ring is waterproof to 50m. The ring also offers different types of designs including ceramic coated in gloss black. So, you can say that men can also wear this NFC Ring. And in the end, the most important thing is it doesn’t require any charging.


Top Five Awesome Smart Rings1

This is very recent in the market, made for NFC contactless payment. Kerv is the simple and affordable piece of Smart wearable. It is now available in seven different colors. The device is made for both men and women. It offers services such as making payments, unlocking smart locks and give you access to the public transport. The ring is simply made for – payments and ID. It has no alert system or health tracking system on it.

The Kerv could be the device to gain what the bPay range has not accomplished – bring wearables gadgets into contactless payments with an intuitive and easy method.


Top Five Awesome Smart Rings2

Ringly is considered to be the best among the smart jewellery. The main reason of that is the fact that the gadget(ring) actually looks like a real piece of jewellery. You cannot say by the looks that it is a tech device.
The ring is designed to look simple with any screen. Whatever the ring does, you can follow it with your Smartphone. You can access your emails, social updates, social updates or notifications from health or parenting apps. Plus you can even decide just to hear from specific people. According to sources, the company is also developing smart bracelets.


Top Five Awesome Smart Rings3
You can use this gadget as multiple pieces of jewellery. You can wear it as a big smart and stylish ring, you can wear it as a pendant and you can also wear it as a bracelet. It gets a buzz when your phone gets notifications from priority contacts and messages. The special keywords in it allow you to prioritize your contacts, so you can spend rest of the day without getting bothered about unwanted alerts from news app or from the subscriptions which you don’t care about.

Smarty Ring

Top Five Awesome Smart Rings5

The smarty Ring claims to have included all the primary things come in a Smartwatch. A tiny screen displays notifications from your smartphone and also allows you to make outgoing calls to preset numbers. You can even start the camera and music with the ring. It also works as a digital watch, it has wireless charging and looks are outstanding.