Climate change brings better weather to the U.S


Americans are having better weather due to climate change. Because of global warming winter across all over America has become warmer and 80 percent of people have been experiencing pleasant and beautiful days. In last 40 years, 2015 was the warmest winter America has ever experienced. The good surprise for the people living in America is that the temperature during the summer has also not risen to the level of uncomfortable. Though the researchers have warned that this weather condition won’t last long.

Americans have seen a sharp rise in January maximum temperatures — an increase of 0.58 degree C per decade. But in July, daily maximum temperatures raised very slowly by 0.07 degree C per decade. Since the mid-1990s, humidity in the summer has also decreased. So, the data tells that winter temperature has become warmer and the summer temperature has remained the same.

The findings were published on April 21 in the journal Nature.

Evidence display how climate change might have dangerous global results. And it is the fact that there has been an increment in the frequency of extreme heat events and a decrease in cold spells in the U.S. and the patterns in these trends differ across regions within the country as well as across seasons. But the overall scenario is that there has been an improvement in the local weather over the last few decades.

Americans find these weather condition pleasant and because of that the “low levels of concern” has been seen among the citizens for the dangerous effect of global warming in future. So, It may become hard to make Americans aware of the cause and to encourage locals to quickly move to a low-carbon emitting country.



Climate change in U.S.

America is one of the biggest carbon emitting countries along with India and China. The worse thing is that U.S. is having favorable weather conditions even after polluting the environment for a long period of time. Countries in the tropics, which are emitters of carbon as big as America and they are suffering from the effects of climate change like drought, heat waves, flooding and changed rainfall pattern.

Researchers have warned that these favorable weather conditions won’t last forever. Long-term projections of temperature changes indicate that weather condition would become “less” favorable at the end of the 21st Century.

The first author of the study from New York University, New York, Patrick J. Egan said, “U.S. public’s weather preferences by using an index score that measures the extent to which U.S. migration patterns are associated with weather at different locations, adjusting for confounding factors using a previously reported method”.



In a relevant news article, Joacim Rocklöv from the Umeå Center for Global Health Research, Umeå University, Sweden writes that the study will be more

In an accompanying News piece, Joacim Rocklöv from the Umeå Center for Global Health Research, Umeå University, Sweden says that the study will be applicable to the attitude of people living in other countries and regions.

He wrote, “In colder regions, such as in Canada, Russia, and China, future winter warming may also be perceived as a benefit of climate change, but the weather preference index would need to consider the effects of climate change on snowfall and ice formation, and how people respond to those changes.”

Rocklöv said that 40 years of the time period is a very short period by the standards of climate change. and said, “Over such short periods, naturally occurring climate variability can confuse the climate change signal.”