Many times it happens that one gets the cell phone damaged by water either in rain, or by accidently jumping in pool or at times even the cell phone gets slipped in water bucket in bathroom.


Cell Phone Got Wet ?
Cell Phone Got Wet ?

Well, even the Cell phone Manufacturers do not issue guarantee / warranty for water damages.
So now what?
At times people tend to scrap / dump the phone, well wait – here is one ray of hope for all of us !

  • As soon as the cell phone gets in contact with water, immediately remove it from water and remove the battery and sim card from the phone.
  • Use cotton or dry clothe or mini- blowers to get the water from the external surface get away.
  • Now, don’t be in a hurry to switch on the phone, there may be huge water content inside the phone.

Here are some available options:
1- Keep the phone in open sunlight for an hour or so, don’t keep it for long hours too as excess heat may damage the circuit too.

2- Keep the phone with the uncooked rice in a container covered with plastic. It is known that rice is the good desiccant; it may take 3-4 days for the rice to absorb the moisture from the phone.

Absorbing Moisture from a Water Damaged Phone
Absorbing Moisture from a Water Damaged Phone

3- Alternatively one may keep the phone along with silica gel packets for 2-4 days. Silica Gel is available easily in the market and using blue crystals is recommended as they tend to change their color to pink if they absorb moisture; hence one can even get the idea that if its actually absorbing moisture or not and if yes than to what extent.

how to dry mobile phone with silica gel or rice

These are small tips to save the from phones getting useless from the water accidents, they do not guarantee 100% results, but yes it is always better to try the above before discarding the phone , assuming them to be useless.
It may happen that your favorite phone starts ringing again J

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