In the current world of texts and news feed, some one dreamt of things differently. The one who saw the world as a collection of things organized together. Someone who had a strong belief that start-ups can be well managed. Someone who believed in self-confidence. Someone who wanted to digitalize the way people have their collections !

Yes, we are talking about none other than Ben Silbermann : Founder & C.E.O of Pinterest – A Budding Internet Entrepreneur

For those who are yet to discover magic of Pinterest : Pinterest is a social site that allows users to create,organize and share theme based collections in the form of images. Pinterest was launched with a mission “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting”. It is one of the fastest growing Site in the world in terms of users, in a short time it has crossed 20 million active users.

Early Life of Silbermann

Born to Jane Wang and Neil Silbermann – opthalmologists with a family practice. Sibermann  was brought-up in Des Moines, Lowa and  graduated from Yale. He loved reading Technical Stuff.

Career Path of Silbermann

Initially he was hired at Google where he was supposed to design products like Google Ads. In one of the interviews he said that he loved Google , but he wanted to explore more out of his capabilities which he could not do there as he was not a Engineer. He than was involved in developing some Iphone Apps, but they failed before they were noticed considerably in the market.

Than he started Pinterest, which initially was a slow start, but he didn’t gave up, and gradually Pinterest is grabbing lot of attention in Internet Community. He even has shared his email id with first 5000 users and personally seeks their feedback and believes in continuous expansion.
Silbermann @ twitter
He is one of the few budding wonders who not only tweet, but also respond to their fans and their complaints. He tweets as @8en , doesn’t it show his humbleness and a loving nature !

Married life of Silbermann

Bin @ Taj Mahal - India
Bin @ Taj Mahal – India


Not much of his life is known publicly, except the name of his spouse Mrs. Divya
The name apparently appears to be Indian and some pictures of Silbermann’s public visits to India strengthen this Indian Connection.

He never liked to move back in life, a risk taker, a initiator, and a true struggler, we salute this man who dared to create something new in this facebook era.

With Regards,
Deep Bajaj