Difference between Alpha Testing & Beta Testing

Alpha Testing

Beta Testing

 Place  Alpha testing is conducted within the organization.  Beta Testing is conducted at the client’s place i.e. outside the organization.
 Presence of Developer  In Alpha testing, developer is present there while testing. In Beta testing, developer is not present while testing as it is tested at client’s side
 When to Conduct?  When the development of software is near to completion stage, Alpha testing is conducted.  After passing Alpha testing and before the final launching or releasing the software, Beta testing is conducted.
 Recording of Errors  In Alpha testing, developer is present while testing so he records all the problems and errors encountered during testing.  In Beta Testing, customer records all the errors and other issues encountered during this testing and reports to the developer.
 Who will test?  Alpha testing is conducted within the organization and tested by representative group of end users at the developer’s side and sometimes by Independent team of testing.  Beta testing is conducted by the end users or other persons and they are not programmers, software engineers or testers.
 Environment This testing is conducted in virtual & controlled environment.  This testing is conducted in real time or live environment.
 Public Involvement  This testing is close for public.  This testing is open for public