Difference between Correlation and Regression





Correlation is the relationship between two or more variable, which vary in the same or the opposite direction. Regression is mathematical measure showing the average relationship between two variables.


Both the variables x and y are random variables. Here x is a random variable and y is a fixed variable. Sometimes both the variables may be random variables.


It finds out the degree of relationship between two variable and not cause the effect of the variable. It indicates the cause and effect relationship between the variables and establishes a functional relationship.


It is used for testing and verifying the relation between two variables and gives limited information. Besides verification, it is used for the prediction of one value, in relationship to the other given value.


The coefficient correlation is a relative measure. Regression coefficient is an absolute figure.


It has limited applications, because it is confined only to linear relationship between the variables. It has wider applications, as it studies linear and non-linear relationship between the variables.

Mathematical Treatment

It is not very useful for further mathematical treatment. It is widely used for further mathematical treatment.