GREEK is a type of yogurt that has a few difference from that of normal yogurt. It follows the same technique as that of a normal yogurt. For example it is prepared with milk and bacteria cultures. The bacteria helps in fermenting the lactose present in milk to produce lactic acid. The difference in Greek is that after the fermentation process is done, the whey is stained three times to remove all the liquid and use the solid residue as the yogurt Normal yogurt is similar if the processing technique is taken into consideration. But it differs in the staining mechanism. For preparing a normal yogurt, it is stained only twice. So some portion of the liquid is left over with the solid whey
Since all the liquid is stained mostly, it contains high percentage of protein. About 15 to 20 grams of protein is found in a 6 ounce serving of Greek yogurt Due to the presence of a part of liquid, it contains less protein compared to Greek yogurt. One similar amount of serving contains about 9 grams of protein
Greek yogurt shrinks in volume. 1cup of Greek yogurt is produced from 4 cups of milk Normal yogurt does not reduce much. One cup of normal yogurt is produced from one cup of raw milk
Greek yogurt is healthier than normal yogurt as it has less carbohydrate content in it. The amount of carbohydrate present in a serving of Greek yogurt is around 5 to 8grams of carbohydrate Normal yogurt is a high-carb diet. A serving of normal yogurt contains about 13 to 17 grams of carbohydrate in it
Greek yogurt has a less amount of sodium content. It is half the amount found in normal yogurt. A serving of Greek yogurt has about 5 milligrams of sodium in it. Thus it is suitable to avoid heart disorders Normal yogurt has high content of sodium. It has about 10 milligrams of sodium in it. Thus it is not suitable for any high blood pressure patient or patients with heart disease
Greek yogurt also loses calcium content as the liquid in it is stained completely. It has about 20 percent of government recommended calcium content Normal yogurt on the other hand has a high content of calcium as it has an amount of liquid present in it after staining. It contains about 30 percent of government recommended calcium content
Greek yogurt is costlier than normal yogurt as it passes through multiple layers of staining. In spite of its price it is popular as it is healthier and has high nutritive value. The low-fat or fat free version of Greek yogurt is ideal for diet plan Normal yogurt has a cheaper rate compared to Greek yogurt and has lesser demand than Greek yogurt due to its nutritive contents. Since it is easily available, it is the choice of many people
Greek yogurt is tastier than normal yogurt Normal yogurt is less tasty than Greek yogurt
As Greek yogurt is stained multiple times, it is much creamier, thicker and has a solid texture. Moreover it does not curdle so it is preferred more in cooking and makes the recipe a delicious one Normal yogurt has a thin texture. It is not so much solid in nature and it contains less cream. It has a disadvantage. It has maximum change of curdling when put in heat. So it is difficult to use it for cooking any dish
Basically Greek yogurt is the more compact version of normal yogurt that is preferable for food habit as most of the people focus on healthy diet Normal yogurt is the base of a Greek yogurt