Difference between HTTP and HTTPS | HTTP vs. HTTPS

Stands For HTTP stands for “HyperText Transfer Protocol”. HTTPS stands for  “HyperText Transfer Protocol via SSL         (Secure Socket Layer)” i.e.“HTTPS = HTTP + SSL
Developed by HTTP was developed by ‘Tim Berners-Lee’. HTTPS was developed by ‘Netscape Communications ‘.
When Used This protocol is used with the web sites in which no need of security. This protocol is used with the web sites which are needed to be secure & reliable during transition.
Where Used
HTTP used with blog site, information site, etc. HTTPS is used with shopping sites, banking sites, social sites, etc.
Port HTTP uses port no : 80 HTTPS uses port no : 443
Encryption HTTP uses no encryption so less secure. HTTPS uses encryption for the secure transition so it is more secure.
Certification HTTP needs no certification. HTTPS needs certification.
Operated at
Operates at “Application Layer” in OSI Model. Operates at “Transport Layer”in OSI Model.
URL HTTP URL starts with “https:// HTTPS URL starts with “https://
Action Cycle Browser opens the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) connection then sends HTTP request to server, server responds through HTTP to browser and then connection of TCP is closed. First Authentication is done then selection of ciphers or cryptographic algorithms which client & server supports then encryption technique is used and after that creation of encrypted SSL(Secure Socket Layer) connection and after that HTTP request will work to continue…
Example “https://www.google.com” , “https://www.freefeast.info/” https://www.facebook.com/ ” , https://www.paypal.com”