Difference between GET and POST | GET vs. POST

Visibility in URL In GET method, data to be passed is visible  in URL in address bar. In POST method, data is  not visible in the URL in address bar.
Cache Caching  can be there in GET method. No caching is there in POST method.
Bookmark In GET method, bookmark can be done. In POST method, bookmark can’t be done.
IT is less secure in compare to POST as data is visible in URL. Should avoid sending of sensitive information like password with this method. It is safer than the GET method as data is not visible in URL and also not stored in history.
Browser History Parameters passed through GET Method remains in the history of browser. Parameters passed through POST method does not remain in the history if browser.
Size There is restriction on length in GET method. No length restriction in the POST Method.
DataType Using GET method you can only send ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) characters. No such restrictions are there while using POST method (You can send ASCII as well as binary, etc)
GET method is faster than POST method. Post method isn’t faster than GET method.
Data Structure STACK is used in GET for passing variables. HEAP is used in POST for passing variable.
HTML Form Element
GET is default method for the HTML form. POST is not default method for HTML form so have to specify using method attribute.
Example “https://www.freefeast.info/tags/form_method.asp?fname=abc&lname=xyz” “https://www.freefeast.info/tags/form_method.asp”