Difference between SCSI hard drive and IDE hard drive

Stands For SCSI stands for : Small Computer System Interface. IDE stands for : Integrated Drive Electronics.
Maximum No. of Device Required SCSI supports maximum of 15 devices per channel. IDE supports maximum of 2 devices per channel.
Transfer Rate SCSI hard drive support faster data transfer rate on optimizing better performance and on producing better result. IDE have slower data transfer rate comparatively.
Cost SCSI is more expensive. IDE is less expensive than SCSI.
Speed SCSI is faster than IDE. IDE is less faster in compare to SCSI.
rpm : Rotation Per Minute SCSI drives with 10,000 rpm. IDE drives with 7200 rpm.
Support SCSI application better suited to corporate application on workstation and server. With IDE, it supports ATA/ 133 standard better than some of the older flavor of SCSI.