One of the world’s most well known and valuable company Microsoft, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975.

Recently we have heard that Microsoft has changed its logo after 25 years. Let see the all logos of Microsoft.

1. First Logo of Microsoft :

This is the Very First Logo of Microsoft that was  used in 1975.

2. Blibbet Logo:  This logo was used from 1975 to 1987

3. Pac Man Logo : This logo was used from 1987 to 2012 and designer of this logo was : Scott Baker. This logo has a one slash between first ‘O’ to ‘S’ .

Actually till 1994 this logo was used i.e. no slogan with Logo but onwards slogan was added to the same logo.

4. Logo with Slogan ‘Where do you want to go today?’:

As mentioned above, the logo till 2012 remain same but slogan with logo was changed.
In 1994, the slogan displayed with logo was “Where do you want to go today?”. The duration of this logo was 1994 to 2002.

5. Logo with Slogan ‘Your potential. Our passion’:
From 2006 to 2011, Slogan was  “Your potential. Our passion.” with the same Pac Man logo.

6. Logo with Slogan ‘Be What’s Next.’:

From 2011 – 2012 the slogan was “Be What’s Next.” with the same logo of Microsoft.

7. Current Logo Of Microsoft :

In 23 august of 2012, Google announced the new logo for Microsoft i.e, after 25 years. This new logo has four squares having four colors and used font ‘sans serif’ called Seoge. This logo is similar to current window logo just difference is that in new logo four squares are in four colors.