Recently we have heard the news that Microsoft has rebranded its cloud serviceSkyDrive’ to ‘OneDrive’ because of trademark issues.

So from 19th Feb 2014 , this re-branding has taken effect i.e. now “SkyDrive” is known as ”OneDrive” and “SkyDrive Pro” is known as “OneDrive for Business”.

SkyDrive vs. SkyDrive Pro



SkyDrive Pro

Rebranded as

SkyDrive has become OneDrive. SkyDrive Pro has become OneDrive for Business.

Cloud Storage

It is Consumer/personal cloud storage which stores things like folders, documents, photos etc. It is like DropBox, iCloud and other storage service. It provides file storage & Synchronization service. It is Employee cloud storage i.e. it is used for business.

Intended For

It is intended for personal or consumer users. It is intended for business users or organization.

Association with Microsoft account

SkyDrive is associated with Microsoft account or SkyDrive Pro is not associated with Microsoft account.

Association with Office 365, Sharepoint

SkyDrive pro has no association with Office 365, SharePoint online, SharePoint Server 2013. SkyDrive Pro is associated with Office 365 account and SharePoint Server 2013.

Free Storage

You get free 7 GB storage with SkyDrive and can buy additional  storage if you want. It gives 25 GB Storage.


With SkyDrive, you can only share and access documents. With SkyDrive Pro, Documents can be stored as well as can be edited, collaborated and can be saved in multiple versions.


Synchronization in SkyDrive can be done using ‘SkyDrive’ folder in Windows Explorer. Synchronization in SkyDrive Pro can be done using ‘SkyDrive Pro Windows Sync client’, SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server 2013.


SkyDrive does not have collaboration feature. As SkyDrive Pro is associated with SharePoint, it provides collaboration. It also supports features like versioning, check-in/out, workflows etc.

Office 2013

With installation of Microsoft office 2013, ‘Microsoft  SkyDrive client’ get installed. With installation of Microsoft office 2013, ‘SkyDrive Pro Windows Sync client’ get installed.

Document Library

SkyDrive is a kind of document library. SkyDrive Pro is not a document library but can synchronize ‘SkyDrive Pro Dcoument Library’ using ‘SkyDrive Pro Windows Sync client’.