SQL &amp Vs. SQL * PLUS


As we all know,  SQL is a language.
While SQL*Plus is a tool.

SQL is the query language used for communication with Oracle server to access and modify the data.
SQL* Plus is a command line tool with which you can send SQL queries to the server. Also, it can help you format the query result.

SQL is a language which is invented by IBM.
SQL * Plus is a tool to use SQL language for a database from Oracle corporation.

SQL can be simply used to ask queries, i.e. it involves DML, DDL and DCL.
SQL * Plus is command line tool which doesn’t involve DML, DDL and DCL.

In SQL, there is no continuation character..
Whereas, in SQL * Plus there is a continuation character.

Keywords cannot be abbreviated in SQL.
But keywords can be abbreviated in SQL*Plus.

SQL uses functions to manipulate the data.
SQL * plus uses commands to manipulate the data.

Hope you enjoyed this.. See you again with more updates..