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Are you getting ready to kick off your next email marketing campaign and want to use a winning strategy that will draw consumers? Nowadays, people are used to scores of emails that are marketing different companies and products flooding their inbox. Their automatic tendency can be to leave these messages unread or delete them immediately. It takes a truly quantified approach to use bulk emailing to your advantage for mass marketing. More often than not, it is a process of trial and error to determine the methods that succeed and those who fail to hit the mark. To help you take your strategy to the next level, we have put together a guide of 5 leading approaches you can use to make your next marketing endeavor a win all around.

What Is Bulk Emailing?

What Is Bulk Emailing


In comprehensive terms, bulk emailing does exactly what its name indicates, allowing you to send mass emails to a large number of recipients at any given time. These mass emails are typically used for marketing or advertising and offer a way to reach a broad spectrum of consumers simultaneously. In the modern age of technology, this type of approach is an essential way to grow your business and make sales soar.


The effectiveness of bulk emailing is dependent on your strategy, which will vary based on the size of your company, its industry, and relevant competitors. Many businesses have come to rely more and more on Internet marketing and advertising for immediate gratification to consumers. Sending emails in bulk has been shown to bring even greater results than the pop-up advertisement in a web page’s sidebar.

What Are the Benefits of Bulk Emailing?

Save on Costs

To begin with, bulk emailing is an incredibly cost-effective way to send out mass mailings to consumers without using the old-school method of compiling and physically sending out promotions and advertisements. This is not to say that the latter is not an effective marketing strategy to a certain extent, but the email method has distinct advantages.

Switching over to mass email marketing saves on the time and costs which would be required to employ a mailing house to send out these hard copy promos. The cost of paper and printing hundreds to thousands of leaflets cannot beat the ease and accessibility of the digital method. Instead of spending the money on mass mailings and waiting for them to reach your recipients’ mailboxes, with some adept planning and a few clicks, your bulk emails will be delivered within moments.

Focus on Your Audience

One of the great benefits of bulk emailing is its ability to render complete focus on your target audience. Identifying and catering to your target audience is the backbone of a successful marketing approach. If you send your campaign to the wrong consumers, your hard work could be for nothing. The advent of opt-in mailing lists, e-mail marketing specialists, and internet security companies that work directly with marketers can help you to ensure you hone your audience to interested consumers and get your bulk emails sent directly to their inbox. As a result, you can reach a specific consumer base of hundreds of individuals and beyond in just a few seconds.

Make an Impact

Another huge benefit of bulk emailing is the potential for an immediate and deep impact on your target audience. Physical mail can only utilize so many graphics and catchy phrases. Emails, on the other hand, can include hyperlinks to the product or service you are marketing, and use various images, graphics, and other marketing techniques that are only possible in a digital format. If done correctly, the immediacy of bulk emailing itself is one of the chief reasons it can make such an impact on a consumer base. Members of your target audience may get a physical piece of marketing mail, see it as an advertisement, and throw it away. With bulk emailing you have the ability to leverage the right subject line and an attention-grabbing phrase for greater control and heightened interest potential.

Top Bulk Emailing Marketing Strategies

Make It Personal

Make It Personal

The first top marketing strategy we are going to delve into is the importance of personalizing your message even though it is dispersed to a large audience. Despite the train of thought that personalizing your email, so each recipient reads their name in the greeting is the best course of action, this is not an effective method. This can actually drive consumers away, particularly in the age of increased identity theft and scams. There is a far more useful and winning strategy you can employ to personalize your messages without making them seem too forward or overbearing. Rather than focusing on each consumer or subscriber’s name, personalized to a particular factor such as their purchase history or unique demographic. This enables you to build a relationship rather than simply inserting a name to imbue a personal touch. Personalize your bulk emailing to an individual’s actual needs and consumer history instead.

Hone Your Subject Line


The next top marketing strategy for bulk emailing has to do with the all-important subject line. It is this tiny element that often carries the entire weight of your campaign and makes your recipient determine whether they will click it open or delete it immediately. Refrain from composing a subject line with a length of between 60 and 70 characters. The optimal standard goes from 70 characters and up. This has been shown to be the most effective balance between length and brevity to drive consumers to read your content. If you want to keep your subject lines a bit shorter but still drive your brand through bulk emailing, try keeping them to 49 characters or fewer. The length of your subject line really depends on the purpose of your email campaign. If your main goal is to achieve a response to your bulk emailing via clicks, go for the longer optimal character range. If you are more concerned with the open rate to heighten awareness for your service or product, keep it on the shorter end.

Timing Is Everything

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As with most things in life, timing truly is everything when it comes to driving a successful bulk emailing strategy. You may find yourself compiling your bulk emails during business hours, but the ones that achieve the highest success rates are ones that are sent out in the evening. The prime time to send out your bulk emails is between the hours of 8:00 P.M. and midnight. This zone is not only beneficial for open rates, but for scrolling, clicks, and ultimately, sales. Most companies tend to send out their bulk emails during business hours, forming another key reason why this later time slot proves so effective. There is simply less competition during this window. In fact, most people’s inboxes tend to become flooded with various emails during the day rather than in the evening, so it is easier for your campaign to be lost in the mix. Distributing bulk emailing at night when few companies send theirs heightens your chance to achieve optimal open and click rates.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

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In the modern age of digitization and technology, the majority of consumers access their email via their mobile phone or a similar device. Bulk emailing needs to be tailored in such a way that it is compatible with mobile devices and does not read incorrectly in that format. To ensure that your bulk emailing will look aesthetically pleasing no matter what format it is opened and read in, there are a few key tips to bear in mind. Make sure that your email follows a singular column template and increase the font size so it can be read on a mobile phone with ease. Keep the height and width of your buttons at 44 pixels to adhere to iOS guidelines and make any call to action discernible and easy to click on. In fact, accessibility and readability are vital for any sections of your emails that you want consumers to click on.


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Finally, our last top bulk email marketing strategy is to give your consumers an incentive to explore your product or service further. The best and easiest way to do this is by offering them something for free. It does not have to be something huge, but it should be an element that shows the value of your services and gives a foretaste of things to come. For example, depending on your industry, offering free templates and tools is one of the best ways to skyrocket your click and open rates. Not only will your bulk emailing be read and absorbed by consumers but the free incentive will showcase what your company has to offer and keep them coming back for more.


Bulk emailing is a highly effective, comprehensive way to fuel your company’s marketing endeavors regarding relevant products and services. By employing the right strategies in personalization, readability, engagement, timing, accessibility, and incentivization,  you can drive your click and open rates to new levels and create your next winning bulk emailing marketing campaign.