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What is InboxbyGmail?
– How can you invite others to Inbox?
– How to get inbox for multiple ids?
– How to invite more people?

What is Inbox by Gmail?

Inbox is an alternate Mail Management Mechanism provided as an alternative to Gmail ( Gmail still works, and will continue to do so , Source : Google ) It can be used through browser to manage mails ( inbox.google.com ) or through Android App ( Available in play store : Link )

Inbox By Gmail

It offers a very clean and elegant layout with some enhanced features like reminders,  snoozes, auto categorization and daily read management. It starts with an invite from others who already have it or you can mail to [email protected] to get one.

How to invite others to use inbox by Gmail :

It is all about spreading happiness right, you got one invite, how about making others happy too. Most people struggle to find the option of inviting others to inbox, well to our surprise, the option is not available in App, and is only available through web interface

( www.inbox.google.com )


Well, you may simply login into your account using Gmail credentials ( Yes, your mailbox style has changed, not the mailbox) and on right side there would be couple of icons, the yellow one is to spread happiness – i.e to invite others, Simply enter their email id and you just made someone smile  🙂

Now the main part comes – you want to have inbox for all your ids and you wish to invite many friends on Gmail, how to do that?

Inbox by default gives 3 invites to new users, all you can do is to wait for unknown days to be able to send new invites or use our trick.

Just make sure you have added multiple Gmail ids to the default android app for Gmail before you install lnbox. And when you would install inbox, it by default enables inbox for all those Gmail Ids already available in your standard app, Close enough, well!

Go to inbox.google.com and all your ids would be having options to invite others.
Voila! Spread the smile! Keep Sharing!

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