Besides lots of innovation & varieties in smartphones, lots of innovation & varieties you can see in the smartphone chargers also.

We have already seen such innovative smartphone charger like QBracelet, GoKey, AIRE Mask , DART : World’s smallest adapter. Lets add one more feather in that i.e. Slimger : The world’s thinnest charger. This smartphone charger can easily fit into any standard wallet.


Compatibility of Slimger

Slimger is the slim smartphone charger which is compatible with the iPhone & Android devices. This charger is so slim that can easily fit into your wallet. With this charger no need to carry extra cables as it comes with in-built lightning cable and micro USB. Slimger is very easy to charge.

Specifications of Slimger

Slimger is not only slim but also lightweighted having weight of 54 grams , with the thickness of 0.17 inch  and having size of : “92mm x 66mm x 4.8mm”.  Slimger comes in five different colors and is compatible with two platform one is for iPhone devices i.e. Slimger – i  for iPhone 5 , iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. Second is for Android devices i.e. Slimger – u.

Slimger Charger

It has Lithium Polymer Battery with the capacity of 1400mAh and this charger is made up of aluminium. Slimger takes 70 minutes to fully charge itself and can charge other device in 30 minutes.

This slimmest smartphone charger gives you extra 4 hours while using ‘internet’, 5 hours when you are ‘talking’ and 95 hours when it is on ‘standby’ on your smartphone.

Price of the Slimger is approximately $40 and will be available in the December 2014. Till then enjoy the video and stay tuned for more stuff 🙂