1. Does .NET support multiple inheritance?
Ans : No,.NET does not support multiple inheritance, but we can use interfaces if we want that functionlity.
2. What is difference between Convert.ToString() and .ToString() Method?
Ans : Both perform the same function but Convert.ToString() handles NULLs while .ToString() does not and it throws a NULL Reference Exception.
3. What is ILDASM?
Ans : ILDASM is a tool that converts the whole .dll or .exe into IL code.
4. What is System.GC.Collect()?
Ans : It Forces garbage collector to run. This is not recommended.
5. What is Reflection?
Ans : All .NET assemblies have metadata information and that metadata information can be accessed by mechanism called Reflection.
6. What is Difference between String and StringBuffer Class?
Ans : String Class represents Immutable string of characters and StringBufferClass represents Mutable string of characters. String Class can be inherited while StringBuffer Class can’t be inherited.
7.Different ways to overload a method?
Ans : A method can be overloaded by : Different parameter data types, different number of parameters, different order of parameters.
8. What is the difference between Web.config file and Machine.Config file ?
Ans : Web.config file contains settings that apply to each web application, while Machine.config file contains setting that apply to all ASP.NET applications.
9. What is GAC?
Ans : GAS – Global Assembly Cache, public Assemblies are stored in GAC.
10. What is GLOBAL.ASAX file ?
Ans : It sets application-level variables and allows to execute ASP.NET application level events.
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