1. Which Class is Super class for all .NET Class?
Ans : System.Object is the base class for all the .NET classes in .NET Framework.
2. Which Namespace is root namespace in .NET Framework?
Ans : System is the root namespace in .NET Framework.
3. What is Difference between Sub-Procedure and Function?
Ans : Sub-Procedures don’t return a value while functions do.
4. What are the differences between Server-side code and Client-side code?
Ans : As the name says Client-side code runs in the clients’ browser and Server-side code runs on the server.
5. What is Delegate?
Ans : A delegate is a type that references to a method or a function. A delegate is also referred as a type safe function pointers and once a delegate is assigned to a method, it behaves exactly like that method.
6. What can prevent a class from overriding?
Ans : By using ‘Sealed’ keyword, you can prevent a class from overriding.
7. What is the difference between CopyTo() and Clone()?
Ans : Clone() performs only copy of structure and CopyTo() performs copy data with structure.
8. What type of code is there in a Code-Behind class?
Ans : Server-side code.
9. What is the difference between Server.Transfer and Response.Redirect?
Ans : Server.Transfer is used to post a form to another page. Response.Redirect is used to redirect the user to another page or site.
10. Validation in asp.net occurs at server-side or client-side?
Ans : Validation occurs at Client-side because it reduces an additional request to the server to validate the users input.
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