Some personalities do not need introduction; their contribution to the society speaks louder.
We at Freefeast hereby pay a small tribute to the wonderful man who changed the lifestyle of millions of today with his enormous vision and implementations. Yes we are talking about none other than Sir Steve Jobs.

His contributions are so large that books and books can be written about him, we here aim at describing his life time-line in a small nut-shell for all of you.
A Journey of a Gem: February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011

Steve is best known as co-founder & CEO of Apple and a pioneer in the personal computer revolution, he has to his credit lot many contributions in the computer and consumer electronic fields.

Steve was born in San Francisco on 24th February 1955,to Abdulfattah Jandali and Joanne Schieble. He was then adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Steve at the age of 13 convinced Bill Hewlett and got a summer job at the HP factory. For the first time met Steve Wozniak in 1969 who have been his partner and a all time companion throughout the life.

Steve got his first job in 1974 at the then leading Video Game Making firm named Atari, 5 years later in 1979 – Steve Jobs , Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne together formed Apple Inc. – The foundation stone of the history was laid.

People like Intel executive Mike Markkula started investing heavily in Apple and in 1977 Apple made huge success at the west coast computer with their prototype Apple ii. In 1980 Apple Inc. went public which made Steve the owner of millions of dollars over $200 million.

With various ups and downs happening, in 1985 Steve Jobs resigned from Apple and started NeXT with five other colleagues from Apple. Apple reacted aggressively to this.
In the decade of 1986-1996, Steve contributed and made wonders with NeXT, Pixar and wilderness, making them attract millions of investments, resulting further into heavy sales and profits.

Year 1997 was a comeback year at Apple for Steve, who was declared interim CEO and installed NeXT executive team at the top of Apple, and declared new board of directors & initiated the Think Different Campaign to rebuild Apple’s lost image in the market. With several new non-stop releases in between, in 2001 Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s Digital Hub Strategy aiming Apple to become the center of consumers’ emerging digital lifestyles.

The work was never stopped, the experiments were kept going and so were the launches of new innovations like ipod, iapp, iphoto, first Windows-compatible iPods, itunes,iwork, mac-mini, Motorola ROCKR,iphone, App store,ipad,icloud.

On 24th August 2011, Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple, and Tim Cook was made Apple CEO and on 5th October 2011 Steve Jobs passed away at home, surrounded by his family.

Jobs spent his life- Full of Life, with his principles and thoughts he kept on sailing the ups and downs of life, maintaining professional connections, resigning, coming back, his innovations and unique futuristic thinking, serving his ventures with full heart, refusing to adapt daughter Lisa by his ex-girl friend, after 30 years discovering his biological mother and sister, getting married to Laurene ,his various campaigns, his uncountable awards, his famous speech “ stay hungry, stay foolish”, his ideas and thoughts, his medical survival, his budding optimism and so on..

We cannot comment on his life, all we can say that Sir, this world could have been really different without your contribution, you certainly did shape it in a big way! May you be blessed with peace wherever your soul is today, we certainly miss you, and your space can never be filled.

With Regards,

Deep Bajaj

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