After the launch of the Evoque Convertible, Land Rover is now focusing on its fixed-roof Evoque, by offering a range of updates for the 2016 model year.

The new red and black color scheme of ‘Ember’ edition

It’s the new ‘Ember’ edition of the Evoque with red and black colour scheme. The ‘Firenze Red’ and ‘Santorini Black’ are giving the car a sexy dark knight look. This is based on n HSE Dynamic model and features a bespoke color scheme and details.

The interior of The Range Rover Evoque Ember comes with black seats with contrasting red stitching, black and red mats and gloss black trims. The SUV also features the ‘Black Pack’, so it has black 20-in wheels, black tailpipe trims, a black grille and darkened lights.

This is a limited edition car and it will be available for the period of three months only. The company will start delivery in September. Price for Evoque Ember premium model is £47,200.

Land Rover is introducing an exclusive 'Ember' edition 2

Technical updates of Range Rover Evoque Ember

The new Range Rover Evoque also offers the new next-generation InControl Touch Pro infotainment across the range, which is also available now in regular model, providing a 10.2-inch tablet-style pinch and a customizable home screen to ensure customers’ favorite apps are always available conveniently.

Land Rover’s studio director for exterior design realization, Phil Simmons said, “We wanted to give the Range Rover Evoque Ember special edition a sporty feel; contrasting the intensity of the Firenze Red with Santorini Black really shows off the Evoque’s stand-out proportions.”

Apparently putting the Evoque into the first gear, releasing the brake and then easily pressing the accelerator resulted into too annoying for some drivers. So, Land Rover’s seen fit to roll out a new ‘Low Traction Launch’ mode.

The new ‘Low Traction Launch’ mode aims to deliver the maximum amount of torque possible on slick surfaces automatically. It gives driver a smooth and simple start.

It aims to automatically deliver the maximum amount of torque possible on slick surfaces, allowing the driver to make a painless, simple getaway. Apparently, there is no specific throttle control is needed; you just simply push the pedal and the onboard electronics will take care of the power down, where and when they can, without cutting back so exceedingly that you stop moving completely.

Land Rover is introducing an exclusive 'Ember' edition 3

What else is new in Land Rover Evoque Ember?

If the new black beauty look is not satisfying enough to book the Evoque, then perhaps the new ‘Graphite Design Pack’ – for Autobiography models – will be convincing enough for you.

Apart from red and black, the grey touch is also given for the new look. That adds a grey grille, satin grey wheels and grey towing eye covers. Focusing black details with grey touch completes the look. For that, you can expect additional amount of £2125.

Few other additional features include high definition 3D maps and a bird’s eye view surround camera system, which allows drivers to see the vehicle from above too, that is suitable for negotiating narrow streets or tight parking spaces.

So, the beast is ready to unleash ion the roads of your choice. The new ‘Ember’ edition of the Evoque is perfect for the long rides and can handle almost any kind of roads and for that matter it can also go on without a road. So, if you are planning a road trip for your next vacation, you have to go with the new ‘Ember’ edition of the Evoque.