In the field of Petroleum there are very few consultants that can help the upcoming or already existing petroleum companies.  A growing company needs a certain amount of training and implementation of tech and instruments. There is always a costly way of doing things. A company can go ahead and hire a team of best employees with vast amount of experience in the particular vertical of the industry.  This is surely a very costly way of doing things.

The cost effective way for Petroleum Tech

The cost effective way is to get a set of highly motivated and curious set of people from the current set of employees and train them with the help of highly reputed professionals from companies like Smart Petroleum Tech whose main job is to consult and make the business they take upon a success .


Smart Petroleum Tech has recently started a new program called Open Coaching. The mission of Smart Petroleum Tech  is to be an authority figure in the technical consulting and developing web events in  field of Oil, Gas and Petroleum industry.  They are capable of doing it in two major languages: English and Spanish.

Smart Petroleum Tech have a three tier interaction model in the following order(In descending order):

  1. Team Facilitator/Guide
  2. Permanent members
  3. Free members

Their expertise in coaching ranges in the  fields:


  • Exploration
  • Reservoir Studies and Characterization
  • Well Drilling
  • Well Design and Construction
  • Production Methods
  • Heavy Oil Production
  • Optimization of Production Operations and Surface Facilities
  • Compression, Distribution and Gas Handling Systems
  • Corrosion Control and Materials for Crude/Gas Facilities
  • Energy Integration and Process Optimization