When I was a kid, I would never enjoy reading a book that did not have illustrations in it. My sister used to make fun of me. I remember that quite clearly. I knew the reason why I did not like reading book with no illustrations. A kid does not have the vocabulary needed to make his mind create a picture of the environment in the book. To Imagine the elements of a book, one needs the right vocab.
Slowly, I started improving my vocab and read book with no illustration. Some books (Harry Potter series need a special mention) were so rich in vocab that you never had a problem in imagining the face of a person. As for every aspect in life even this has two sides. Some writers thought that pushing the biggest and toughest words into their writing would make sales and will in turn make a killing in the publishing industry. Some of them were so difficult that those were read only by Spellbee participants ;).


How Brainstrom Pro can help writers:

A good writer is supposed to write for the masses not for the guys doing masters in literature. A writer feels a real challenge in getting the right word to describe a situation of his/her writing.
I was searching for a product that would make life easier for writers. I came across this awesome software that actually works just like an extension for a writers mind. This is built on the Microsoft Word’s Thesaurus. You can search for 10 words at the same time. This will help you stop all the time one would waste thinking of the right word. If you are a person who make a living by writing, I highly recommend this product. They actually have a free version too.


Other Features In Free Version of Brainstrom Pro:

Built in dictionary lookup: Right click on a word and view definition online.
Tutorials: Built in video tutorials
Language Settings to use whatever MS Word language packs you have installed