Working hard in life and growing everyday to reach new heights feels to be meaningless with out that one special person with whom you can share it.

The traditional services that are popular are mostly paid and not really community driven. All the paid sites seem to have the very same pattern which is repeated every now and then. When you are browsing the listing you might feel that you are on the same site with a different UI.

The new online dating service

This is the reason why is different from other players. The steps to use this is very straight forward and simple.

Step 1 : You register on the site

Step 2 : You enjoy playing interesting fun games on the site. While you enjoy plying the games you are earning valuable credits which you would be using to make a search.

Step 3 : You use the credits you earned to play and make searches and find your dream love.


It is that simple. One of the best things i like about this site is that you actually just need a good photo and not a lot of BLAH BLAH text.   The community is super friendly. They will even help you make a great decision and find the love that you have always been seeking for.

You will never have a dull movement at this site. I think this kind of thinking will soon revolutionize the Dating industry. Kudos to the creators of this site. I would really like to see this grow.