Internet is a crazy place where people behave virtually in different ways. Information Technology is a crazy field which provides lot of tools for various practices.
Today we are talking about one such tool “Fiddler”

What is Fiddler?

Fiddler is basically a HTTP debugging proxy server application from Microsoft.

Who founded Fiddler?

Eric Lawrence of Microsoft founded Fiddler; initially it was launched on 6 October 2003.

Uses of Fiddler?

Fiddler is used to tamper the data being sent on internet. It is HTTP debugging proxy server application which can also be used to inspect the incoming and out going data and also allows setting break points.
Fiddler can also be extended using any .Net language like c# , VB etc.

Is Fiddler free ? / How much does Fiddler Cost ?

Yes, Fiddler is a freeware.

What are Application of Fiddler?

Fiddler can be used to debug virtual traffic through any application supporting proxy.

Who uses Fiddler? / Who are users of Fiddler?

Fiddler is generally used by Network Administrators, Hackers and Anti Hackers.
As the use indicates, it can be used to inspect data for security purposes which is generally practiced by network administrators, while the tampering and fiddling is done by hackers ; and those hackers are monitored and caught by team of anti-hackers.

Which   applications / devices do Fiddler Support?

Fiddler supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and many more such applications. It supports devices like Windows Phone, iPod/iPad etc. Fiddler works on .net framework 2.0 and 4.0

Which Operating system does Fiddler Support?

Fiddler supports Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Win7, Win8, so one has to be Window Savvy to be able to use this service.

Help for Fiddler?

Announcements for Fiddler, how-to-dos, Problems, and lot more helpful stuff is available from Fiddler’s Blog here :

Fiddler can be downloaded from:

Very helpful tool indeed! And that too for free!
Fiddler truly is very helpful application, and helps positively a lot to monitor and stop lot of mal-practices; subject to the condition that it is used with good intentions, else it could create lot of blunders also; it is just like a gun which can be used for security purpose also and for terrorist activities !