Father of Computer : Charles Babbage
>> Charles Babbage (1791 – 1871)

>> Charles Babbage is also known as’ the First Computer Pioneer’.

>> Credit for developing ‘first mechanical computer’ goes to him.

>> Father of Computing, Charles is known for his detailed plans for Difference Engines and Analytical Engines.


Father  of  Computer Mouse :  Douglas Engelbart
>>Douglas Carl Engelbart (1925 – 2013)

>> In 1957, he joined SRI  (now known as ARC : Augmentation Research Center ) where he  developed NLS : ON Line System and Engelbart & his research team developed “Mouse”, “Bitmapped screen”, hypertext & precursors to GUI.

>> In 1967, Douglas Engelbart applied for the patent of computer Mouse and got that in 1970.

>> He registered patent for mouse but unfortunately never got royalties for his invention for which he is best known

>> Engelbart named more than 20 patents and he authored more than 25 publications.

Founder of Keyboard : Herman Hollerith
>> Herman Hollerith (1860-1929)

>> He founded the first keypunch device i.e. mechanical tabulator which was based on Punched Cards and operated by keyboards.

>> He founded company “Tabulating Machine” in 1896 which was later merged to IBM : International Business Machine.

Founder of Laser Printer :  Gary Starkweather
>> Gary Keith Starkweather

>> He is the inventor of “Laser Printer” & “Color Management”.

>> Gary Starkweather  founded Laser Printer at Xerox in the year 1969.

>> In 1997, he joined Microsoft Research and started work on Display technology.

Fathers of Trackball : Tom Cranston and Fred Longstaff
>> Tom Cranston &  Fred Longstaff  invented Trackball  in 1952.

>> This first trackball had was invented  DATAR project of  ‘Royal Canadian Navy’ with “Canadian five-pin bowling ball”.

>> The first trackball was invented 11 years before the first mouse invented.

Founder of Light pen : Ben Gurley
>> Ben Gurley (1926- 1963)

>> He is the inventor of light-pen.

>> He designed CRT : Cathode Ray Tube Display & Light Pen at the Lincon Labs in 1959.

>> After that he joined DEC : ‘Digital Equipment Corporation’ where Gurley designed the first computer of DEC named PDP-1.

Father of Floppy Disk :  Alan Shugart
>> Alan Field Shugart

>> He invented the Floppy Disk in 1970.

>> He started his career at IBM and worked there for 18 year and during that time he founded  IBM’s RAMAC i.e, first disk drive.

>> In 1979, Shugart started with  Seagate Technology  (earlier name was Shugart Technology ) with Finis Conner. Later this company became the World’s largest manufacture for disk drives & other related components.

Father of Typewriter : Christopher  Sholes
>> Christopher Latham Sholes (1819 – 1890)

>> He is well known as the ‘father of typewriter

>> He is the Inventor of the first typewriter and first QWERTY’ keyboard.

>> Before Christopher, many had implemented this idea but he reinvented and launched first commercially successful typewriter.

Founder of USB : Ajay Bhatt
>> Ajay Bhatt well known as Co-founder or Co-Inventor of the USB : Universal Serial Bus Device.

>> Mr. Bhatt is co-founded not only USB but also develped AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port), PCI Express, Platform Power management architecture (PPMA) etc.

>> Mr. Bhatt is also known as ‘Intel Rock Star‘.  He is Intel Fellow, Chief Client Platform Architect of Intel Architecture Group.

Founder of Flash Memory : Fujio Masuoka
>> Dr. Fujio Masuoka>> He is the inventor of Flash Memory.

>>In 1971, he joined the Toshiba where he invented Flash Memory.

>> In 1997, he was honored IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) award.

>> Currently he is working at Tohoku University.

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